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The gothic lifestyle is shrouded in mystery and darkness. It is also misconceived that people who lead this kind of life act, dress, and live a specific way. I took the time to interview two pupils who take interest in everything Goth, to see if some of the mysticism can disappear from our minds. Here’s what Mac and Danielle had to say…

Do you think that choosing the gothic lifestyle is really preempted with the notion that one has to be depressed and obsessed with death?

Mac: Not really.  I think it’s an appreciation for things a bit dark; it’s the comradery of others of your ilk as well as guilty pleasure of the reactions of others.

Danielle: I think being depressed is a popular misconception. Listen to the lyrics of most Goth songs and a lot of it is about celebrating and embracing a sort of dark romanticism. And if you ever go to any Goth dance parties, they are so much fun.

Why do you think vampires are one of the first things that come to mind when you say “gothic?”

Mac: As Dimitri said, “Vampires have an innate sense of style.”  I personally prefer lycans, but vamps have passion and tragedy built into their mythology – a perfect fit for Goth.

Danielle: I think it’s because being Goth is all about appreciating the dark side of life. Also in some ways, Goth culture is a revival of old word style and vampires have been around for ages.

Do you feel that being Goth is about depression or about embracing the romantic things in life?

– Bryce

By Veritas

Veritas is a faerie child, switched at birth and left with wonderful parents in a small shack deep in the hills of West Virginia. He believes in magick and hopes to inspire readers lured into the enchanted path. Occasionally, he'll post contributions from other authors so drop us an email if you're interested.


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  3. being goth to me is embracing the darkness of the world … not necessarily a BAD thing per say but still … goth rocks! period!

  4. This makes me think about that episode of South Park when they burn the Hot Topic. If we drew a venn diagram, Vampire and Goth would overlap but there would still be plenty ideas, traditions and practices for Goths and all things vamp to exist independently of each other.

  5. I think the Vampire/Goth subject is more of a media fed thing. There are no vampires in the movie/story sense. But most Goths are drawn to the same style sense that movies portray in the vampire films. Not forgetting that it is also a dark subject.
    But to most goths, fangs are just a fashion statement.

    If there were vampires they would be doing their level best to blend in and escape notice. You know, look like most of the people you see in the grocery store. Some would, of course, have a thing for gothy stuff, just like in any other group of people on the planet.

    I am Goth not because of the clothing I like to wear, but because I have a sensitivity and liking toward things that are Goth.

    I have a flair for it and dare to walk about in the clothing of my choice. But if no such clothing was available to me, I would still feel more at ease in a cemetery then a shopping mall. I would rather read a sad story about unrequited love then watch a comedy about stupid silly people. That said, I do shop in malls and watch silly movies some times.

    I have a sense that never leaves me about the fact that all things die and I do not shy from the notion. I’ve spent more time planning my funeral then I ever did on my weddings.

    I am not depressed. I don’t think about killing myself. I think of life as fun, but know that death is ever near. I like the shock value of the way I dress at times.

    I am an Elder Goth, having a goth state of mind all my life, even before goth was a music style and an in-thing to be.

    Sincerely, Lady Euphoria Deathwatch

    1. dear ladt euphoria deathwatch,

      i appreciate you for what you are and how you live your life! being whoever you want to be is a beautiful thing; what’s more beautiful is that you aren’t afraid to show it off. thanks so much for taking a stand and clarifying things to the non-believers and skeptics!

    2. You go, Gurl. I’m, personally, too lazy to be goth but I’d love to go to a TON show right about now.

  6. of course its cool. its awesome. we are individuals. you shouldnt need to worry about what others have to say or think. if they dont like it, sucks for them. dress whatever way you want to and just be yourself. Goth RULEZ!

  7. this all appears interesting and scary at the same time,ive always been into the goth fashion and love their music but the other staff just seems too deep for me…….

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