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Going Underground, Part One

Last week I was on vacation, and as always when I am traveling I was on the lookout for anything and everything odd, unusual, strange, and wonderful to report upon, to share with all you fine folks what follers this here site. Visiting Chattanooga, Tennessee also afforded me the opportunity to visit with my friend Amy Petulla, owner and operator of Chattanooga Ghost Tours and co-author (along with my friend Jessica Penot) of HAUNTED CHATTANOOGA (they literally wrote the book on the subject) and THE CORPSEWOOD MANNER MURDERS. Of course I took Amy up on her invitation to tag along on one of the tours.

Chattanooga, Tennessee might not be one of those cities that first comes to mind when one thinks about ghosts and hauntings, the way New Orleans is, or Saint Augustine, or Salem, but it should be. It has a long, tragic, and bloody history. No less than three Civil War battles were fought in the area, including Chickamauga, the bloodiest battle in the entire war second only to Gettysburg. And then there’s the Underground.

Chattanooga suffered from a series of devastating floods during the 19th Century. The solution arrived at by the city planners was to raise the entire city by some twenty feet. The first floors of buildings became basements, the basements became subbasements, etc. Today, the tops of windows and doors poke up above the concrete sidewalks. There is literally a city under the present city. Think such a history might lead to a haunting here and there? It did, and no place is more “active” than the Underground.

The city has blocked access to the tunnels beneath the city, but it’s still possible to get close. The tour group I tagged along with ventured into the lower levels of a parking garage and the wood-and-steel fencing marking the entrance to one of those tunnels. I soon found out we were not alone down there.

Did something…GET OUT?!

Make sure to check back for part two of my chronicling of my adventures in the Chattanooga Underground!

TheCheezman • April 28, 2019

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