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Going Underground, Part Two

Our guide on the ghost tour informed us that the lower level of the parking garage we were entering had formerly been the basement of a funeral home. Parts of it still looked the part. The walls of the structure speak of the history of the city and the numerous catastrophic floods that caused the entire city to be raised by one story. And the steel gates blocking access to the tunnels leading deeper into the Underground looked like the gates to some mythic underworld, and indeed this might be an apt comparison to make considering some of the photographs that have been taken of those gates and the area beyond. Full-bodied apparitions have been captured, including some that are possibly of demonic origin. Major creep factor.

Sadly this photo isn’t one I took. It’s from the Chattanooga Ghost Tours website, and was sent to them by someone who took the tour.

Our guide, Dale Wallace, a Native American shaman as well as paranormal investigator, informed us that there was an unfriendly spirit that resides in one particular section of the tunnels. Before he would allow us to enter, he conducted a traditional Indian binding ceremony on the spirit. The EMF meter carried by another member of the tour group, which had been lighting up like a Christmas tree the whole time, flatlined when he completed the ritual. We then spent a few minutes in the garage, snapping photographs with our cellphones. When he announced it was time to leave, he performed another ceremony, preventing the spirit from attaching itself to anyone in the group or following them. As we left the garage, the EMF meter, which had gone silent, again flashed to life. Could it have been reading some source nearby, say a power line or streetlamp? Sure, a skeptic could argue that. But the *timing* of it, the way it happened exactly when he completed the ceremony, is harder to explain away.

Do yu see the figure of a person in this photograph taken in the Underground? (The one on the left.)

Stay tuned for more ghost stories from my recent trip to Chattanooga!

TheCheezman • April 29, 2019

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