Goretorium Treats the Vampire King Like a Peasant!

UPDATE 10/7/12

If you wondered what happened the next day, click here. Apparently, the mistreatment of Don was only half of the outrage, and more was yet to come. Not only did they treat him like dirt, but they basically mistreated all their fans and the local Vegas residents as well.

Also, to clarify, Don is not the “self-proclaimed” Vampire King. He’s the “Tyra Banks proclaimed” vampire king.  I’m not going to argue about it. The statement wasn’t meant as a dig at Don, so there’s no need to get defensive, people of Facebook and beyond.


I’m on Facebook, pretty much 24-7. So you can imagine how disturbed I was to see Don Henrie all upset, and spewing hate at Eli Roth, –whom I maybe have been mistakenly admiring for a while.

If you’re a fan of vampires and have no clue who Don Henrie is, first of all, shame on you. The man is hotter than anyone on the planet has any right to be. He’s the self-proclaimed Vampire King, a sanguinarian (he does ingest blood) and has a famously gloomy visage. You may have seen him on Mad Mad House on the Sci-Fi channel (before it became SyFy). If you haven’t, check it out on Hulu. He’s also been on the Tyra Banks Show, where he talks about the vampire culture, and he’s been a key player in the constant struggle many of us face in finding acceptance from the rest of society. Don Henrie is like the Martin Luther King Jr. of the subculture movement, and so, as I said, you can imagine how outraged I was when I discovered he’d been cheated, scammed, and practically assaulted by the thugs at Eli Roth’s venue in Vegas, the Goretorium, a year round haunted hotel/casino type attraction. Sounds awesome, right?

Well sadly, what they neglect to mention in that kitschy interview, is that while they were searching for talent, and offering lots of marketing and promotional opportunities to their cast and crew, they only planned to pay them around $8.25 an hour. Vampire Don Henrie posted on Facebook repeatedly about how disrespected he felt. Here are just a few of his outraged posts:

“Don Henrie is not a happy camper right now. I feel hugely disrespected. I have been waiting here for quite some time, I find out that my “role” is quite a lame one, and I just read the pay isn’t what they were pumping it up to be. Yet they wanted me to send all of my people to them and promote them. Is this how people in Hollywood take advantage of others. Also, I told them I had my other apparently higher paying gig to go to tonight, they said it would be brief, and now I am late due to disorganization not on my behalf.”

“ELI ROTH LIED TO EVERYBODY: read the picture and the post attached to it. Many people quit their high paying jobs to get paid only minimum wage. On the way out they tried to get rough with me, grabbing my arm trying to force me to stop. I have never been treated so disrespectfully in my entire life.”

“It [Goretorium] is not worth your money, everything looks fake.  I expected a lot more and was sadly disappointed when I went there to do my fitting.  The place is very small, the haunt is incredibly short, and it looks like any regular haunt you would pay $12 for.  The blood splatters aren’t even correct!  They used over puffy props that you would buy at any party store, and the rooms are cramped.  The lounge is very small, and there are only 8 machines to gamble at.”

So yeah, he’s pretty upset. The drama that unfolded after his initial run-in was lengthy, but you can read the whole story on Don Henrie’s Facebook page. Which side of the fence are you on?



By annimi

Ashley writes for Vampires.com, Werewolves.com, and other sites in the Darksites Network. She's involved in several seedy and disreputable activities, smokes too much, and spends her late nights procrastinating for work on her first novel.


  1. That’s pretty messed up I wasn’t much of a Don Henrie fan before, but still, it sounds like he’s being taken advantage of in his publicity seeking anyway. Give ’em hell Don!

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  12. Abhorrant business practices like this are mind boggling truly and shocking that they continue to operate while taking advantage of the client. This needs to stop and the owner should be investigated by the authorities for such shoddy practices and lack of business ethics.

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  25. Very interesting story….

    Capitalism is vampirism at times and dealing with such realities is a sad thing. First off Don could have been our king, he could have been on the red carpet at the Grammies, had a massive community website, but he only sold us posters during his 15 minutes of fame. This truly disappoints me as I was so full of hope and excitement to see him. He has only failed us and is not my king or any for the vampire community.

    He is the “vampire emperor” as he stated on Tyra, yet no different than Emperor Norton of San Francisco as I see it. This title came after he met a cat named Emperor, I am not kidding. Someone else by their actions, efforts and tangible contributions (like getting Don booked on Tyra banks and Mad Mad House) is the closest thing to a true vampire king, but this person doesn’t care to use such silly roleplayer titles…

    Vampires should be powerful in social dynamics, spirituality advanced and capable to master the ins and outs of human society. If they are famous use it for true success and embrace their opportunities to the fullest.

    What makes me laugh is I read somewhere that one quote from the president of the Disnformation Society “one year Don will be all over times square and then the next he will be an attraction in a hayride making minimum wage.” This came true. hahah

    Now I do not agree with theft, Sarah if this did happen do you it does suck. I hope you get it resolved.

    ESalvador…. vampire fiction author and watcher of the vamp community for 20 years.

    1. Don’t be mad at Don because the press came knocking at HIS door. The only reason why they wanted him and not anybody else, was he was the only person who could prove himself. Others have tried on television and failed. Anybody remember that laughable “Monsters Quest”? They failed miserably. You have your fact incorrect, he didn’t sell posters (and if he did it was very briefly). He created spiritual energy candles to help others with their needs. I bought one myself. He went on the Tyra show and did many internet radio shows talking about his spirituality. Did you actually watch the show or are you spouting off because you think a vampire should never go on television and speak of such thing? Anybody Remember the God & Religion interview? Anybody remember the Angels & Demons interview? There were so many listeners they shut down the station. Many people don’t like Don, because they aren’t him. They become jealous and complacent. They cannot prove themselves and do not have the balls to do it on national television. For instance, you Erin, who are you and where is your proof that you are a REAL VAMPIRE? Show me one test you did. The only reason why he did it was to give others a voice because he was the only one who could. Now it is easy for people like you to come out and say you are a vampire without proof, because he bore the burden of it so you wouldn’t have to. A true vampire king has thick skin. He takes the hate and the bullets for all of you to live in the shadows stating that you are a real vampire. Nobody would ever believe you if it weren’t for him going on television taking tests (strength test, blood test, smelling test, hearing test, vision test, did I miss any?) and passing all of them flawlessly. He has had a community where he dedicated many hours and wrote many blogs on spirituality. Anybody remember TVD? I was a member and it broke my heart when he took it down because of people like you. I think what you are saying is completely wrong, he is the king. If he is your king or not, he is still the one and only person who has ever done what he did to make it easier for all of us to exist. Nobody can ever do what he has done, not even yourself. It is easy for people to shoot him down, especially from the security of the internet, but those same people could not even speak about being a vampire and not be taken seriously if it weren’t for HIS efforts. He many not be your king, but you best have some respect for the man. Don’t judge a person because they did something you could never do. Also, I have never seen a picture of him on the red carpet. I doubt that he has an ego like that. This just sound like the dribble of another hater who could never do what he did (prove themselves over and over again.)

      1. People like me dont have to prove ourselves as “real vampires” or really infact you are obviously one of his fun groupies. He could be so much more, he had so much potential and screwed it for everyone… I dont hate Don, I pitty him and believe it or not know him personally from long before he was on Mad Mad House. Have you ever met him in person?

        1. How is it that he screwed it for everyone? List the ways. I am very interested in hearing this. Also, you SHOULD prove yourself. Let me see your blood tests, strength tests, scent tests. Prove yourself otherwise you are a fake, just riding off the coat tails of Don Henrie’s work just like everybody else. He did the tests and made it real for the world, tests that you say you don’t have to do. I am not a fan, I am a person who has seen all of his footage and went “Now there is a man with balls.” I wasn’t a supporter of Don Henrie until I met him. I thought he did all of this for his own fame and glory. I have met Don at an event he was at in my city (New York). He was very down to earth and humble. It was impressive since I expected him to act high on his horse. For somebody that has done what he has, his demeanor was the exact opposite of what I expected. If he was doing all of this for fame and glory, why would he shut down all of his sites and social pages for privacy? That doesn’t sound like a fame monger to me. I don’t think he ruined anything for me since if I want to prove to somebody that vampires are real, all I have to do is show them a video of Don. If I want to prove they are noble, I show them one of his written pieces. If I want to show people that vampires aren’t Satan worshipers, I show them one of his interviews on spirituality. How could he have done any more damage than the other t.v. whores like Michelle Belanger, or Tod Sebastian. We here in New York call him Father Syphilis. I would like to know what damage Don has done that others haven’t. Don Henrie has certainly made it easier for ME to exist in this world, how could he have made it easier for me and not for YOU? Are you that one special person that can sprout wings? If so, prove that too! Keep in mind he is not the only Vampire that has gone on interviews, he is simply the only that proved himself. I can’t prove myself and neither can you, that is why Don is there. To prove to the world for us so we can continue living in the shadows and going on the internet hating him because it was him and not us that was born under that special star. Imagine all of what he has lost because he stuck his neck on the line for the likes of us. Can you put yourself in his shoes or are you too self centered to do so? Can you think of anything but yourself? I doubt it, because you feel you can post things without proving yourself or giving real valid reasons why it was him that ruined everything and not any of the others seeking fame calling themselves a Vampire. He could not have done anything worse than Jonathon Sharkey. Now there is a guy that made us all look like asses. But in your eyes Jonathan Sharkey deserves more respect than Don. That shows your level of intelligence. Now state your case, and post videos of you proving yourself, otherwise your argument is not valid and you are just a poser trying to tear down a good man. If you claim to be a vampire then is should be easy for you to prove yourself. Although, if you could you would have done it already and the world would know who YOU are instead of Don. Then you would have your chance to set things straight and fix all the things you think Don has done wrong. Otherwise be quite and thankful that Don didn’t make a fool out of himself by failing tests like the ones failed on Monster Quest and other shows.

          1. I don’t want to be a part of this drama, but I couldn’t help myself when you brought up him being tested. The tests didn’t prove that he was a vampire. They came up normal. His medical tests are just like every other person’s – there’s nothing different about him. So those tests didn’t prove anything. If anything, they showed that he’s just a normal human guy who has the mental urge to drink blood.

    2. He could have been our king? Since when has he stopped? I don’t see you putting your neck out there so we all could be more accepted by those not in our community. Besides, there were other examples he had shown on Tyra’s show that dealt with his physical abilities. He is far from the greedy fame-grabbing person you make him to be. So you may not agree he is your king. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t there for you anyway. That also takes something you don’t have; reliability.

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  28. I can not believe you actually equated Don Henrie with MLK Jr… first of all, shame on you for making such a naive & out of touch comparison like that.

    Don Henrie has exploited & continues to exploit the Community for his own celebrity & capitalist gain. Any & all attention he has brought to us has been nothing but negative & he comes off as more of a damn lifestyler than an actual vampire. I can’t think of a single thing he has done to better the VC & I doubt anyone would be able to give an example past his pathetic display of outing a subculture where only a small minority actually want to seek recognition from the mainstream.

    Don Henrie is not my king & only the weak of mind seek to be ruled.

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  35. Oooooh. Can’t believe I said that he’s like MLKJR, can you? I’m allowed to make my own distinctions, kthx, and in my opinion, he has done a lot to put himself out there and say “Hey, this is how we are,” –he’s not some puffed up psychopathic flake. He’s a decent person. And decent people get pissed off when someone like Eli Roth, who can seemingly afford better business ethics, shits all over them.

    Believe it or not, it takes balls to go on national TV and be yourself, especially considering the stigma and disdain the vampire subculture is subject to from the rest of society. On the other hand, it doesn’t really take much to Google Don Henrie, gather some superficial bits of info, and comment on MY god damn post, acting like an expert on the guy.

    Argue amongst yourselves, by all means, –but you won’t get anywhere arguing with me. I’ll still have written it, I’ll still support both Don and Sarah’s positions on the issue, and as for my comparisons, –well, no one’s forcing you to read the blog, are they? Neh.

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