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Gosselaar Gets Gothy

Last week I told you all about the upcoming TV series THE PASSAGE, wherein Mark-Paul Gosselaar (of SAVED BY THE BELL fame) will be playing protector to a vampire preteen, sorta like the kid in LET ME IN, and the creepy old dude before him (and like the kid and the creepy old dude before HIM did in LET THE RIGHT ONE IN before THAT). I neglected to mention, though, that this project won’t be Gosselaar’s first involvement with the Undead. He has been much luckier than his former castmate Elizabeth Berkley, or else he’s just been more prudent in his choosing of the roles he has taken, or he’s been luckier BECAUSE he’s been more selective. He’s avoided going full-frontal and committing career suicide, and even managed to score a little acting cred with roles in such properties as NYPD BLUE. More importantly, he earned a bit of geek cred, and specifically VAMPIRE cred, by doing voiceover work for the Disney Jr. computer-generated cartoon series VAMPIRINA. He “plays” the father, Boris Hauntley, and manages a decent cartoony Eastern European accent while doing it.

No. No, wait. That’s James Van Der Beek from DAWSON’S CREEK. My mistake. Still, you can clearly see why I would confuse the two, right? They’re basically the same person.

TheCheezman • June 5, 2018

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