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I dropped my official review of the new flick over at our sister site DARKNESS.COM. Check it out. Now if I reviewed it over there, and this is a site dedicated to vampires HERE, why I am I talking about the new HALLOWEEN? Because of parallel time. Because of DARK SHADOWS. That’s why.

All DARK SHADOWS fans are familiar with the term “parallel time.” We know that not only did vampire Barnabas Collins, handsome sometimes-lycanthropic Quentin Collins, and other characters travel not infrequently through time, they also shifted dimensions into parallel time, parallel realities wherein the same actors played the same or similar characters. Sometimes those characters behaved in ways familiar to us and sometimes they were radically different. It was a fun, crazy, wild ride, those romps through parallel time.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Barnabas and the Collinses as I was watching the new HALLOWEEN, which ignores all the sequels and serves as a sequel to the original 1978 masterpiece. Doesn’t mean that HALLOWEEN 2 (the original, not the Rob Zombie trainwreck) didn’t happen or isn’t canon. But this new movie is ALSO canon. How? Parallel time, baby. This is HALLOWEEN in parallel time.

Maybe they can have Michael Myers traveling through time, too? It worked for Deadpool, after all.

TheCheezman • October 28, 2018

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