Halloween Costumes

Hello vampire fans! October is here!  We all know what that means, autumn leaves and colours, shorter days, longer nights and the encroachment of everyone’s favourite holiday: Halloween!   Soon enough homes and stores will be decorated in orange and black, candy will go on sale and you will be shopping for this year’s costumed festivities.  It is with this spirit in mind that I present the stores of our new sponsor, whose online stores can be found at Pure Costumes or for the more risqué, Pure Sexy Costumes.

We invite you now to peruse their inventory for the upcoming holiday; both stores contain all of your Halloween costuming needs for both men and women, including couples costumes.  They also offer other apparel for your off seasonal needs, including: lingerie, make-up, and other assorted and alternative clothing.  Enjoy!

Pure Costumes

Pure Sexy Costumes



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