Hammer Now Offers Iconic Artwork Prints

I’ve got some fangtastic news for the classic horror fans out there! Hammer Films is now offering prints of classic movies posters, as well as a few new ones. Everything from old school Dracula posters to modern posters from films like Let Me In are now available on their website!

Hammer just launched an official print-on-demand online store, featuring iconic UK quad artwork from legendary horror titles including  One Million Years B.C. and even Vampire Circus.

The new store features high-quality reproductions of UK quads from the extensive Hammer library including the latest titles Let Me In and Wake Wood,  along with newly-restored posters for such beloved horror classics as X The Unknown, The Abominable Snowman and Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell, all of which are reproduced for the first time and exclusively available.

Each classic poster featured on the site will be available in two styles; “restored”, appearing as new, and “aged”, subtly weathered to create a retro aesthetic.

Designed by renowned film poster artists Bill Wiggins, Mike Vaughan, Vic Fair and the legendary Tom Chantrell, and curated by Marcus Hearn, Hammer’s official historian, the artwork will be available as posters (paper or canvas; framed or unframed), prints, greeting cards and postcards.

If that’s not cool enough, to celebrate the launch, Hammer will be giving 15% off all orders through 10th December 2011.

This makes me all kinds of happy! I’d love to have a few of these posters up on my wall (the vampire ones of course).

What do you think? Will any of you order a classic print? It’s a pretty good deal, especially with the Christmas discount. My only issue is their limited selection. There are loads more Hammer flicks that have excellent posters worth displaying. Hopefully they will add to the shop over time.

You can check out the online store here.

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

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