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Happy Anniversary, Beetlejuice!

Warning: This post is gonna lean heavily on the nostalgia. If you aren’t old enough to HAVE nostalgia, bear with the rest of us. And trust me, you’ll get there. A whole heckuva lot sooner than you can possibly imagine.

Thirty years. Wow. It’s been thirty years since BEETLEJUICE opened in theaters. How the holy hell did that happen? It CAN’T have been that long, can it? Surely there’s been some mistake. Somebody miscounted. Has to be that way. I can’t accept that three decades have passed. Not that quickly.

Anyway, you can check out these new posters from Poster Posse, created the commemorate this questionable anniversary. It’s showtime, baby!

Also celebrating its thirtieth anniversary (I don’t believe this one, either!) is CRITTERS 2: THE MAIN COURSE. Typically I’d cover the Critters over at our sister site, but since we’re already talking anniversaries, here, why not? The soon-to-be resurrected FANGORIA isn’t even in print yet and already the magazine is scoring scoops. Check out this behind-the-scenes footage featuring FX gurus the Chiodo brothers working on the Critters. In terms of quality, the CRITTERS movies are about as far removed from BEETLEJUICE as you can get and still be in the same genre, but it’s okay to love them both.

I still long for a SERIOUS, big budget CRITTERS remake. And when in the HELL are we gonna get that BEETLEJUICE sequel?!

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TheCheezman • April 6, 2018

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