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Has the Chupacabra relocated?

A number of Russian villages have found hundreds of dead chickens and mysterious footprints but no blood. Some are blaming the killings on a chupacabra.

Stepping into the spotlight in the 1990’s, becoming an object of interest not only for those fascinated by occult phenomena but also to the mainstream media, the Chupacabra had been around for at least two decades prior. (There were reports of dozens of victims drained of blood by the mysterious beast in the area of Moca, Puerto Rico in the 70s.) That the victims were chickens and livestock only somewhat alleviated the fear the predator aroused. In the years since, the Chupa (Spanish for “Goat Sucker”) has spread to the mainland, appearing regularly in Latin America and across the border in Texas and New Mexico—usually taking the form of a coyote suffering from mange. That the Chupa tends to follow wherever Latino peoples travel is suggestive that the vampire beast is more cultural phenomenon than literal monster.

Something that would be suggestive that the Chupa might actually exist would be for the creature to start haunting parts of the world where Latino people do not comprise a majority of the population. Which is what seems to have happened, as mysterious chicken deaths in Russia are now being attributed to the Chupa. So maybe it does exist. But that leaves another mystery for us: How the heck did it get to Russia in the first place?



TheCheezman • August 28, 2015

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