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Have a Heart, Zuckerberg!

Allow Vampires, Goths, and pagans to use there Nightside names on Facebook

I got notifications frequently from regarding petitions they (or somebody) believes I might be interested in signing. A lot of the time I am and I do. Some good causes get shared and promoted via that website, and on occasion the petition-ees do actually listen and some positive changes are made. Most of the ones which I have advocated have to do with environmental issues or cases of animal cruelty. Sometimes I’ll sign off on somebody’s pet cause just because they are sincere and ask me nicely.
But what about this petition to Mark Zuckerberg, creator and CEO of Facebook, asking him to let people who identify as something other than what or who they were born as their alternate identity names, their “nightside” names. (Good to know this is the designation for the subculture’s domain. Might come in handy for future reference.) I’m all for letting people call themselves whatever they want to call themselves, but is this petition really necessary? I mean, don’t people use fake names on Facebook already? I had a friend who once decided her FB name was “Frosted Flakes.” No nightside moniker could be more out-there than that, could it?



TheCheezman • October 6, 2015

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