HBO Doesn’t Love Vampires; We’re Heartbroken

Check out the picture, people. This how we feel, and frankly, the bloody tears we’ve been crying over this are staining our stuff. We’ve been in love with all things True Blood since the first rumors of the show’s existence even started. We were there to circulate more hype, get everybody watching, and laugh with maniacal glee when people became just as obsessed with the show as we are. I have, on several occasions, demanded that my friends watch “just one” episode, –and they were hooked for life! During the show’s airing season, I sit rapt, every Sunday night, just waiting for the episode on the edge of my seat. For any diehard fan of True Blood, hear the first few bars of Bad Things, by Jace Everett, is like having an orgasm. If it’s the first show of the season… or the last, then it’s just that much more intense and exciting.

Even just waiting for True Blood is exciting, –we have at least one True Blood article per week, and we’re all counting the days till the next season premier. Some of us are probably counting the hours, and to be that hardcore of a fan, well, we’re just pleased to be bringing you all the information you crave! I am so in love with the show myself, that for two seasons now, I’ve written episode synopses that run thousands of words long; I write what is basically, a mini-novella of each episode! And I usually do it, in a matter of just a few short hours. That’s excitement beyond words; or well, excitement beyond a casual one thousand or two thousand words.

But throughout the two years we have been dedicated scribes to True Blood, not once has HBO said, “Good job, Vampires,” or even given us the slightest acknowledgment. Everyone  on the staff is a huge fan, and even our new staff members are big fans of all things True Blood. Moonlight and Kate are constantly writing True Blood news, factoids, and including the cast and characters of the show in various articles and lists. So why is it that. although we spread the word, and endlessly promote the show, HBO just ignores us?

We’ve got tons of friends in the blogging biz who get lovely little True Blood trinkets, bottles of True Blood, and endless amounts of swag, both for themselves, and their readers. It’s not that we’re greedy, we just want HBO to give us a little nod, but so far, we haven’t even had so much as a coupon! Or a press release!

Maybe we have the new basis for a show, or a short story here:

Vampires are finally the victims of unrequited love.

By annimi

Ashley writes for,, and other sites in the Darksites Network. She's involved in several seedy and disreputable activities, smokes too much, and spends her late nights procrastinating for work on her first novel.


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