Horror Film ‘Self Storage’ Coming Next Year

There is a new horror flick heading our way. Coming sometime in 2014 is the vampire horror film Self Storage. This upcoming movie comes from the mind of actor and director Matthew Currie Holmes. Check out the details below.

Matthew Currie HolmesPlot description via IMDB:

“After losing his job, his girlfriend and his apartment all in the same day… 28 year-old, comic book fanboy William Grady was ready for a change. With a U-Haul truck full of his worldly possessions, William arrived at Sunshine Self Storage just in time to witness the manager, Renny, a big surly Russian, fire his only employee, T.J., a tough, no good thug. William seized the opportunity to change his luck and ended the day with not only a place to store his precious belongings, but with a new job as well. The job came with one caveat: NEVER go to the 6th floor Things started looking up for William, with a decent job, a place to stay, and a side gig selling abandoned junk online; but all that changed when he met super-hot Roller Derby Queen, Chloe and agreed to help her with the contents of her dead grandfather’s storage unit. On route to the unit William and Chloe were taken hostage by T.J. and his gang who came back to retrieve their secret stash of marijuana. Upon discovering their valuable crop had been destroyed by a strange dark, viscous fluid, T.J. ordered everyone to find its source, which led them to a storage unit… on the 6th floor When they entered the dark, eerie, musty unit the last thing any of them expected was to awaken an seven hundred year old Vampire… But they did. What’s worse? That Vampire is NOT ALONE.”

Uh, I would have a little more hope for this film if the description wasn’t written so poorly. As for the actual storyline, it sounds like B-grade slasher flick. But I may be judging too quickly. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts?

– Moonlight


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