House of Night Series On The Big Screen?

The hugely popular young adult vampire series House of Night looks to be following in Twilight’s footsteps by possibly getting a movie deal. The film rights to the bestselling series by P.C. Cast and her daughter Kristin Cast have been optioned by producers Michael Birnbaum and Jeremiah Chechik.

The House of Night series follows teenage Zoey Redbird as she is “Marked” as a vampyre and begins to undergo the “Change” into an actual vampyre. She ends up having to leave her human family to live in the House of Night, a boarding school for fledgling vampyres. Throughout the series Zoey gains new friends, new special powers and with them, new enemies and loads of drama.

I was a huge fan of this series when the first book came out, but with each new book the Cast girls toss out, the series goes farther downhill. They had a really great idea and that first book was wonderful but then the books got worse and worse to the point where some have absolutely no point whatsoever and are nothing but money making filler (*cough*Hunted*cough*). Also, the author’s sad attempt to sound like cool hip teenagers is so pathetic and over the top you can barely stomach it. No teenage girl actually talks like that.

If you haven’t guessed it already I do not like the idea of this series being turned into a movie. Considering all the ridiculous boy drama in the series (does Zoey have 2 or 3 boyfriends now) this movie is going to be nothing but a teenage soap opera.

Before you bash me for not loving the House of Night let me say this, I did love the first book and I still have hope for the series. After all, I have yet to read Tempted, so maybe the series has been redeemed already and I’m just behind. Either way, even if the books improve a movie deal still sounds horrible to me. I see no way they can create this movie and not have it be total teen trash.

What about you, readers, what do you think about a possible House of Night movie?

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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    1. i have read all but burned and i think it would make awesome movies i love twilight but i think this sereis would make more then twilight dreamed but you never know i could be wrong either way i think it would be worth the money making it.

      1. ok i love the books soooo much plus i think it would be sweet to see them on the big screen but hell thats my opinion not others i am wating 4 awakend to come out i am sooo siked JOJO

    2. I have read all of the books in the series and can not wait to read awakened… I could care less if they are made into movies… Lets be serious, no movie will ever give a book any justice that it actually deserves. Any person that could possibly bash any of these books just can’t appreciate the creativity that PC and Kristin have put into this series. So just so two of my favorite authors know, I will read everything they put out because I can not manage to ever put the book down. They are awesome writers and I think this series is so much better than the Twilight Saga. Thank you for giving me an amazing series to read and love. I can not wait to continue reading the new books. Hurry and release AWAKENED!

    3. i luv this series its better than twilight for me and i was a twi fan since the books came out so im guessing HoN will be awesome in the big screen so freakin excited ;P

    4. So Far I have loved these books not finished tempted because I’m still waiting on BURNED so the books can flow together I hate waiting for then next ones (shakes fist ). The characters are awsome but Zoey dose have too many boy problems she like 17 and she already soo confused between them all because boys are just trouble i know I am one lol. and the idea of a movie is amazing to me but the cast mebers Have to be flawless and beautiful other wise it will ruin them , the books are so well worded and the authors have an awsome imagination. Like Kalona and Nerefet that was an awsome twist like I knew she was gonna be some bad ass bitch but that was really good how the discribed her and the whole Idea of elemet affinitys is awsome , I love how much it is like the wickens … I could just go one forever about these books so I’ll just leave it at a yes they should make movies they would be amazing

  2. I have only read the first book (which was really good) and a little of the second book. So far, I can’t see how this can become a movie. Bad idea, bad idea indeed.

    1. it gets better in my opinion and i dont beleive she is done wwriting she has 6 books i think out right now and i dont beleive she is done keep reading i think you will enjoy it

  3. I agree. The first couple books were good, but Hunted was NOT. It was strictly filler. I bought but have not yet read Tempted. Nothing happened in Hunted. Zoey was right back where she started with Heath and Erik, plus, they banished Kalona and Neferet, only promising that they are gone for the moment. The book was a lame emarassment to real vampires(yeah, not vampyres) and teenagers everywhere.

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  5. i do have to say that i do love this series, the only thing i dont like is how here stupid human friend keeps coming back, and then eric really just needs to get out of the picture. i really like whats his name stark i think it is,well i like him couse he is like the only one that isent a sicko, in the new book tempted i really hated how now stevie rea is like goin to have boy problems now, she gets stuck with like three guys that she interacts with in the book. Aprodite suprised me with being like the only one who is with like one guy for the longest time out of everyone.

    1. i think u should read tempted b4 u post crap about this series on here. u may not like the books but some people do. some people (like me and i am proud to admit it) will read anything. i think that the love triangle had overstayed it’s welcome but that doesn’t mean the whole series is crap. and in hunted i actually learned something about cherokee legends so i really don’t know what the hell u r talking about. and Burned yes i know there really wasn’t a good story in hunted but i learned about cherokee legends like i said before. and tempted really was good. i especially did like burned. although Zoey was clueless through the entire thing. and it focused on stevie rae more which was a nice change. poor Dallas though. all well. screw him…

      1. i have rread all but burned i read the first two chapters of it yeah there are lots of boy problems but thats an every day teenage thing this series goes different directions but ultimetly is very inticing i love this series as much as twilight and the vampire diares i love them all the same . i think this should be on the screen wether movie or tv show just like the other two i guarnetee you people will watch.

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  7. I’ve only read Marked and Betrayed. I thought Marked was excellent, to be honest; It seemed like an awesome new idea with a great plot. Betrayed was good up until about half way through. The whole Heath thing really irks me. It’s like “Zoey, you slut, pick a guy already!”
    I can’t imagine it being a film at all, to be honest. But I’m glad I’m not the only person who read it and was.. well, dissappointed.

  8. Ok I like all of your coments but if you ask me some of happen to be goin O.T.T. I think that there is nothing wrong with any of the books and as it happens my mates agree. Ok not all teenagers speak like that but I happen to know a fair few who do. Welcome to the real world of teenagers people. After the utter crap Vampires got from Twilight I think another Vampire film is just what they need to get out of that hugh mess. Why do we need to look around when we have a series right infront of us. Oh and if you want to diss these book why don’t you write your own and see how hard it really is to come up with some of the great ideas P.C. and Kristin Cast managed to come up with. I write ok i’m no where near as good as P.C. and Kristin Cast but i do now how hard it is. By now I geuss you all know that I’m a teenager myself and if not you need to get out more then you do. Oh and Zoey is not a slut I know many people who have been in the same place as her, I have aswell and if you knew how painful it is to try to live with then you would not be saying that she is. If you knew the horable feeling that rips you apart you might think twice about it. I call myself Akasha. My friends call me The Spirit Bringer.

    1. “Oh and if you want to diss these book why don’t you write your own and see how hard it really is to come up with some of the great ideas P.C. and Kristin Cast managed to come up with.”

      Ok, so… only authors are allowed to have opinions on books then? Because that’s all we’re doing, sharing our opinion. Go back and read my post again, you’ll see that I said I loved the first book and that I have high hopes for the series. It doesn’t change the fact that the writing and the author’s creativeness has gone downhill since that first book. They got to the point where their books don’t even have a story, it’s nothing but mindless filler.
      And no, the average teenage girl does not speak like that, sure you have some airhead teens that do but for the most part they don’t.

      1. I was only saying that you should think before you open your mouth because coming up with ideas for book is very hard. I think that they have done a really good job. Have you ever tried to come up with an idea for a story let alone a book?
        And my friends are not airheads we all go to a grammer school.

        1. Once again, read the post. I love their idea and believe they can take it far, but not if they make another book like Hunted.

          1. I just want to know what you think is wrong with Hunted because when you think about it Tempted, which is very good, would not make much sence without it. I think you will enjoy reading Tempted but make sure you have plently of time to read it as it is very hard to put down.

          2. Hunted had absolutely no plot, it was filler. A book in a series is meant to make the series move forward, there should be some kind of plot or story it it but Hunted didn’t have that. By the end of the book you were in the same exact spot you were at the beginning. Nothing big had changed, nothing huge was learned, all it was was characters talking to each other, nothing super important happened. They should have combined Hunted with another book and make it an actual book instead of filler that made you feel like you just wasted hours of your time.

            Not only that but it was full of editing errors. I am pretty sure they wrote this book as quickly as possible and the publisher sent it out as fast as they could in attempt to make an extra buck. Reading amazon reviews shows I am not the only one to think this. For example: the authors confuse names quite often saying “Damien” instead of “Darius” and so forth.

            The entire book was full of the same info we learned in previous books, like I said, we didn’t learn anything new of great importance. The love triangle is also super old. The Cast girls need to learn how to keep a story moving, to keep us interested and amazed. Hunted left you feeling completely unfulfilled. And while I haven’t read Tempted yet I have read countless reviews and so far damn near everyone agrees that the series started out strong and quickly went downhill. They had a great idea and lots of potential but they wasted it all and crushed it.

          3. I am not going to waste any more time on this. I can see that we will not agree. I suggest you read Tempted.
            Kind regards Charlotte

          4. You are soooo right! hunted was just filler shit. Really? WHO CARES? the lve triangle has 2 end, esecially since Kalona’s been thrown in there. wait have u read tempted? don’t u know? Heath is dead, Kalona killed him and in the process he desroyed Zoey. Don’t u care about her? i don’t give a shit what reviews say, u need 2 read it.

          5. Didn’t she just say that everyone is entitled to their own opinion? Do you really have to keep going with this? No one wants to keep reading that you think Hunted sucked. We KNOW you think it sucked. Will you just get over it already? You are boring people (like me) to tears here! And yes I keep posting but your posts are really pissing me off. We all know you didn’t like the series. We know you don’t think it should be made into a movie. Twilight was and to tell you, it was a pretty predictable series. The only reason I finished the entire series is because, as I stated before, I’ll read anything. I didn’t even read all of Breaking Dawn. I skipped the Jacob part and would you look at that? I am still alive to tell the tale. Get over hating the House of Night series. WE GET IT! HELL!

      2. well i write stories and ive written 6 stories that i think and so does most of mny teachers and classmates think would go great and could possible a part of the HoN novels i’ve written a tottal 38 books chapters range from 28 to well anywhere near 50. i love the HoN books they really inspired me to take writing seriously but to have tons of fun doing it. my books range form the twilight series too zombies like the kiss of life (great book!!!!!)some of my books also were so great that i almost got it published but……
        but 3 of them were great and got voted to be part of my schools libary by our school council. lost of people read my book even though its not an oficcal book but hey it semmes like i did a pretty good job at writing my stories and i just started some and asked my school wich three liked the most and now i’m writing these:

        Chasing my Sisters’ Killer
        A Promise Kept
        My Little Moment
        I Wasn’t Thinking

  9. I agree with Akasha the authors have put alot of hard work on this books. Hunted was not the best but it wasn’t bad either! I love the house of night series!!!

    1. i think that most of us are right, ok so Hunted sicked, so what? Tempted was awesome! will someone tell me when Burned the 7th book will b out? OMG how is zoey gonna get out of this one?

  10. All of you can diss on the house of night series but they are the best books in the world….of course hunted put us right back to the begining but it helped to continue tempted but yah it is an amazing suprising shocking emotional story that keeps people wanting more and it proves it by how much they sell……and to those of you that say it would be a teen soap opra it might but it would be one that all the teens would watch and love and you say you dont like the books but yet you still finished them and you talk about them so im guessing you are kind of addicted to these books if your going on and on about them……that is wat i got to say. I LOVE STARK…..AND HOUSE OF NIGHT SERIES!!!!

    1. i think zoey should choose stark anyways. after the whole loren blake mess and the crap erik was putting her thru and the fact that heath’s dead, he’s really the only guy left. (NAWT counting kalona) and btw, I <3 STARK!!!

  11. I like this series but i think they are making it way to long..They need to make Burned the last book. Also Zoey needs to pick one guy and stick to him.

  12. Alright, i agree with most of u, a lot of the house of night series is crap. but the first was pretty cool. to the whole MOVIE idea i don’t like it. u know all those really good books that they made into movies & they still turned to crap? well if u hate it now what will u do when the movie comes out? if u thought the books were bad, then u’ll probably HATE the movie. so my answer is no i don’t like that idea. NO MOVIE!

  13. omg i like these books so far i haven’t read tempted yet but thanks i know not to waste my money on hunted .plus i do care about zoey and some people need to stop hateing on her .
    Ithink she is going to end up with STRAK. Lets all face it he is hot,funny,and nice.Zoey need
    a bad boy .Her and him connected and shared a kiss that was short but yet long .Strek and zoey that were mad for each other .(and the other boyz were meanto her)(Iwonder what happend to Strak’s dog anybody have a clue??????)keep me posted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. all of the books were so awesome!!!! i didnt like how Zoey died but hey, she gonna come back anyway…. cant wait 4 the rest…

  15. The house of night is THEE best series i have ever read! True hunted did bring a whole lot of anything but I STILL LURVED IT! i read all the time and i absolutly can say its one of the BEST series..I myself write not only stories but poetry as well…You might say “oh thats because your a teen” WELL…My writing standard as well as critisim is rather full of high standards..I do say that i hate it when people say things are crap when its really not but everyone is entitled to their own opinon. I look forward to more house of night books though :)

  16. I’ve read every single book to the series. I love them. I would love to see it has a movie. People talking about it being a teen soap opera oh well how many do we have for adults. Please. If you dint like the books then quit reading it. I loved it and I can’t wait for more. Bring on the movie. Or shit make it a tv Series. If vampires diaries can this series can.

  17. I have read the whole house of night series to date and it has been very anti-climatic, the errors, the lack of plot and storyline etc. Burned was the most put dawnable book i have ever laid my hands on and after the fist few chapters I actually wanted my money back If this get’s made into a film I will poke my own eyes out before I see it, to expect anything good to come out of it will be like expecting an orgasm from doing your laundry, which lets face it, it isn’t going to happen.
    What is it about starting off on a strong well thought out idea for a book series and totally screwing it and the readers over???? I did like the twilight series until breaking dawn. i won’t even start on the vampire diaries: the return which is nothing but pure and utter fluff to turn a quick buck and alienate loyal readers and fans.

  18. I would love to see it as a movie, even if it would look like a soap opera. I’d love to see a circle being cast and some bad-ass, hot Vamp Worriers.

  19. I have ready every book so far and can’t wait for Awakened to come out!! Some books are better than others I have to agree but I love all of them and can’t wait to find out when they finish the movie!!

  20. Ok so first off if you hate the seriers you are crazzzzzyyyyy I LOVED them and hope they never end I read all of them and can't wait For Awakened. Plus, you try writing a series that has acient cultures and religions snuck into a book that is also very modern. And if you think that isn't how teenagers talk you must be pretty clueless (but I do know not all teenagers talk like that I mean I don't ) but i know some that do. Ok, the whole movie/tv series thing I think yeah it would be different from the books but it would be soOOOOoooooo cool. And by the by I would be perfect for the part of Aphrodite,Stevie Rae, or Erin.!!!! Hey DITTO TWIN I say that to my bff!!!! I heart you P.C. And Kristen Cast!!!!!!

  21. i just want to say that i like the books…but the authors need to edit a little more. i’ve found numerous tense and spelling errors…it just throws the reading flow off. other than that, it’s great.

  22. like beauty is in the eye of the beholder it goes same for books every person likes different things some may like it some will not some may hate it we just need to respect everyones opinion we should not get mad if someone makes comment we are all entitled to it we had all rights to say what we think of the books so for my opinion i think house of night has really good potential but it also has some flaws to it im just confused who she really wanted to be with… but maybe and hopefully we will know it soon…again just my opinion ;)

  23. Hi guys, I think that it can be good idea. No exist any filme about a teenage vampire problem so it will be fantastic for the young public. nobody ever made a movie with this contest and this would be a great expectation for the young public. I’m brasilian, and I can say that in Brasil, it make a big sucess

  24. does anyone reccomend me to start reading “House of Night”? it is really THAT good? it it remotely close to Twilight <3

  25. House of Night series rule! I hope they make the movie! I love HON series! HON series is much better than stinking Twilight saga. I hated Twilight but love HON!

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