How to Throw a Great Bloodsucker Bash!

There’s no better time to throw a bloodsucker bash than at Halloween! And vampire parties are the perfect to way to show your love, or fear, of all things bloodthirsty! Whether you want to throw a fun vampire themed party for children, or a creepier one for adults only, there are tons of ways to throw a spectacular Monster Mash. Just think of the things you love best about these creepy creatures and then put your ideas in motion! Here are a few things that can get you started.

Drink ideas are really limitless. Really, all you need for a good vampire drink is something that is blood red. So serve up some tomato juice injected with some delicious mixers, or have a bowl of cranberry punch sitting close to the snacks. If you have a bowl of punch sitting out, it can be even more fun to mix in some eyeball ice cubes or plastic ice cube holders in the shape of bats! For an adult party, buy some blood red cocktails, already individual bottles, and swap the labels. Carefully peel off the manufacturer’s label and create some deliciously sinful labels of your own! Simple labels with “Type O” or “Type A” printed in red on a black background are great party drinks. Or, make up labels that feature your favorite character from Twilight.

Of course, one would think that for a truly great vampire party, you really wouldn’t need snacks of any kind. However, assuming that those coming to your party only have a great love for vampires and aren’t actually vampires, you’ll need to serve up something for them to nosh on. Still, you can keep it all within the vampire theme. Wrap up ribbons of red licorice in clear plastic (you can probably just use sandwich bags that are wrapped around itself) and again print your own customized labels. Use your favorite vampire quotes, or just bits and pieces of great vampire information or folklore.

Serve up some chicken wings done anyway you like them and call them Bat Wings, or Human Bones. Also, anything with the word “devil” in its name will contribute to the creepy theme. Devil’s food cake and deviled eggs are a couple of ideas. To give your guests a real bloody treat, make a white chocolate fondue. Color it with red food coloring and leave some pretzels, lady fingers, marshmallows, and other sweet snacks. It will be delicious and your friends will get their blood fill!

No party is complete without decorations and this is where you can really let your imagination fly! Hang up in the corners and windows some bat cut-outs or have plastic bats hanging from the ceilings. Spread plenty of cobwebs all over the place, and find some posters with “Ways to Become a Vampire” and “Ways to Repel a Vampire” to hang on the walls. For those that are truly getting into the vampire vibe, call party stores or funeral homes to see if they have real coffins that you could rent. Some funeral homes do this around the time of Halloween and party stores most definitely will have something to fit the bill too. Keep in mind that if you’re throwing a party for little ones, a real coffin might just be too scary for them!

These are just a few ideas to get your party started off on the right vampire foot (or neck!) You can see how once you start brainstorming, there’s really no limit to the amount of great ideas there are out there!


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