How Would You Spend Eternity?

Our beloved creatures of the night are immortal, they are never changing, eternal beings of blood and power. A vampire can live for eternity and do nearly anything they please. Time is nothing to them and they can spend it in any way they choose. But, the question of the day is – what would you do with eternity? If you were turned right now and had forever looming before you, how would you spend it?

What would you do for all eternity? Would you travel, read, study? Would you try to make the world a better place? Would you make it a darker place?

Do you think eternity eventually drive you insane? The never ending years weighing down on you, driving you mad. Do you think such a thing would happen to you?

Would you eventually turn another in order to have someone to spend forever with?

Answer below and share your thoughts on your forever.

Personally, I would spend forever traveling of course. However, would traveling even be worth it without the sun? How can you truly appreciate a great piece of architecture in nothing but moonlight? I have done a bit of traveling and I am absolutely and totally in love with castles (German castles are my favorite) and on a perfect sunny day you can view them in their full glory. But at night, you can’t really see much and even if you could see in the dark, you still wouldn’t get that breathtaking view. So I would travel, but it wouldn’t be as good as doing so as a human.

I would also read as many books as I could! Love love love books! There are so many books I want to get lost in but there’s just not enough time to read them all.

Other than traveling and reading, I think I would take night classes at a university and just collect as many degrees as possible. Then maybe, if possible, I would use those to do something, like work. A vampire with a job – seems silly, but imagine how much I could do with years of knowledge.

As for turning someone, I honestly don’t know if I would or not. I also don’t know if I’d go insane over the years. I probably would if I didn’t give myself a purpose, give myself something to do.

How about you? How would you spend eternity?

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


  1. Tough question. The real question is if vampires were real, what would they be like? Would you just be an immortal, or a bloodsucking demon with no soul? Well, I think I would do what the Anne Rice vampires did; learn how to be master painters/artists and read tons and tons of books. I’d learn several different laungauges. I’d Travel. I’d do all the things I always wanted to do but never could as a mortal. One things for sure….I definatley would not spend eternity going to high school over and over again like those poor excuses for vampire from the abomination called Twilight. LMAO!!

  2. Honestly, I’m one of those who’d view immortality as a curse. A lot of my life has been lonely and unhappy, so a lot more of the same strikes me as cruel. When someone I loved died suddenly, it almost destroyed me. To this second I’m terrified of it happening again–especially since I know it WILL. What’s more, I’m not wealthy. So spending eternity poor also doesn’t hold much appeal.

    Give me perfect health and resources enough to enjoy a long lifespan, then travel yes as well as books and music and movies and theatre. I would look forward to writing, getting better and better at it.

    But eternity? No. Please, no.

    1. Oh, l can think of nothing more exciting than to be a vampire. Live forever, incredible strengh, be queen of the jungle so to speak, not afraid of anything! Id travel everywhere, read everything, over a period of time you couldnt help but aquire wealth and if struck with ennui, you could just go to ground for a hundred years and the there’d be a whole new world when you woke up. And then theres the sex! Oh, yeah ld like to be a vamp! If it was truely aweful you can always great the sun, deads dead, human or vampire.

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  6. Depends on what kind of vampires we’re talking about here. My vampires aren’t even immortal, they just age at one-tenth the normal human rate (so they will eventually die of old age). This nicely avoids the whole “spending eternity stuck in an adolescent body” issue.

    Spending your immortality having to avoid sunlight would also be a real curse.

    Now, if you were like my vampires, living ten times as long as normal humans, and no problems with sunlight, that would be a much better situation. Except for the emotional toll taken when you outlive all your (non-vampire) family and friends

  7. I believe at some future point, maybe even much sooner than we realize, we will extend the lifespan of humans. Whether that comes in the form of real biological extension or with the help of technology, it may change the whole concept we have today of being a vampire. What would a future be like as a vampire, where humans are also essentially immortal? Maybe that’s a topic better saved for another post.

  8. You made some very good points about being immortal, I would learn and learn someore..I woud travel, but I would probably be the goodwill vampire!! LOL.. but what could you not do is the question. And yes I will be honest. I would find a mate, from what I have researched vampires love deeply, and can cut through all the heartake by turnning off emotions?? So with eternity ahead of me what wouldn’t I do?? I would dream big, live loud, and enjoy every bit of eternity……

  9. I think I could spend eternity wisely to the best of my ability. Since I’m still young there are things I wouldnt be able to do yet.. But I would be a perfectionist on the piano. Ive always wanted to get better at the piano but never find the time. In order for me to want to change somone so they could spend forever with me, I would make sure its what they wanted and hoped for. I think that also I would want to learn many languages, and live in different places all over the world.Italy,spain,China, and so on. Yes I realize, that i would have litterally forever to do whatever I please. But i would hope i still spend this time wisely. Which leads me to the question, would i want to live forever? It depends really. On what i decide once i become immortal. I think I would like to ‘live’ forever as a vampire. Although being a vampire can have its downsides.

  10. How I would spend my immortality? I would work for others of my kind. Seek knowledge from elder vampires that’s been around for hundreds maybe thousands of years. But, I would like to be a vampire from a different era too in life. maybe like the reaniassnce or 19th century america. Gain a good portion of money and riches over my immortal life . Maybe if vampires come out of the shadows like in the show True Blood I would own a nice high-priced house in Miami or in Wes Los Angeles . I wouldn’t be a typical vampire that lives in some old mansion or castle like Dracula or one of those Anne Rice ones. I would own a few nice sports cars maybe a couple of classic cars as well and have a few celebrities in my phone. I may turn that lucky someone into a vampire perferablly a young atrractive blonde girl. I would come from a bloodline of a vampire family.And dress in nice clothes I bought in a shopping mall .

  11. Would love to be like the vampires in Near Dark. Spend my time traveling and feeding without a care in the world. Sounds great to me.

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