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Huff the Vampire Hedgehog

Not to be confused with “Puff the Magic Dragon,” that song by Peter, Paul, and Mary that is supposedly NOT about drug use, but come on, you can’t tell me they didn’t at least jokingly realize people were gonna draw that conclusion. But I digress. Huff is a cute little hedgehog with a pair of prominent fangs, which lend him a vampiric appearance. Why not? We’ve featured previously on this site not one but two vampire-looking kitties and two vampiric rabbits (albeit cartoon ones), or three vampiric rabbits if we also count the references to the book series BUNNICULA as well as its animated adaptations. But I digress again.

Hedgehogs can make good pets, but they require a little maintenance. If you want your hedgehog to remain friendly and handle-able, you need to handle it every day. Otherwise, if you fail to give it the proper amount of attention, it may start to bite. Even hedgehogs without vampire fangs are capable of drawing blood, so this is something to be avoided. But I digress a third time. Check out more pictures of the adorable Huff at the link below.

(Fourth digression: I wonder if Huff’s owner has to provide him with a fresh supply of blood and make sure to keep him out of the sunlight?)


TheCheezman • May 3, 2016

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