Huge Collection of New Photos from Breaking Dawn & Possible Spinoff Rumors!

Just what we’ve been wanting, –sexy new photos from Bella and Edward’s honeymoon in Rio, which is better known as the private island getaway Edward takes Bella to, once they’re married. In real life… it’s known as Rio, better still known as “the place where you can get stabbed, mugged, raped, sodomized, cannibalized, drowned, and hacked into little pieces …in any order you like, within three minutes of arriving.” But still, pretty in the tropical tourist-y way. Though I doubt these celebs have anything to fear; they’re both probably millionaires by now, and totally capable of hiring security people and bodyguards that eat babies rolled in broken glass for breakfast. The photos are totally new, and show Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart looking totally hot, and totally in love, –because duh, they are. You can find the rest of the photos on MovieWeb.

On top of that, there’s some news from Robert Pattinson himself, –we may be in store for some serious spin-off insanity. But of course, it will have to have Stephenie Meyer’s stamp of approval. She’s admitted interest in pursuing a film/story involving Jacob and Renesmee… and their future together. Should be interesting, since Jacob has serious issues with vampires. And Renesmee is like, half vampire. I dunno, although I have to admit really, seriously thinking Stephenie Meyer is a giant sell-out, I also think that without her influence, and decent actors, the film will suck. Like, Blood and Chocolate sucked, except worse, because it won’t even have a great novel to back it up.

Check out The Examiner’s report on the subject of a Twilight Saga subject:

“The actor behind Edward Cullen says that in Breaking Dawn Part II, which will hit Scottsdale theaters in November 2012, Taylor Lautner’s character, Jacob Black, will have to fall in love with a baby – his baby with Bella Swan to be exact, Renesmee Cullen. Jacob Black also spends a good deal of Breaking Dawn in his wolf form.

Stephenie Meyer has already expressed interest in a spin-off following the story of Jacob and Renesmee post-Twilight, but no official word on that moving forward has been announced yet.”

Eh, I don’t really want to see this hypothetical sequel/spin-off. It sounds creepy. I mean, think of it objectively: Girl meets vampire, they fall in love, vampire disappears, girl meets werewolf, they fall in … not as strong love, –vampire comes back, werewolf is pissed, vampire and girl get married, have baby. Werewolf is destined to be with hyperactively growing baby. That’s just… awkward, and weird. I mean, you’re in love with a girl, who has a baby, then suddenly, you’re destined to be with the …baby? Ugh. No thanks.

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  1. Feel compelled to point out Reneesmee is aware in the womb, and that she grows very quickly. It is established that she will probably be a full adult by age nine or something (then stop aging). Yeah, the whole thing feels to much like a ‘deus ex machina’ for my taste, but Myers makes a big point about how this ‘bonding’ is only sexual if and when that is best for the individuals involved. Jacob LOVES Reneesmee, totally and absolutely, and the idea of harming her in any way he finds utterly repulsive. There was a similar idea in the bonding between dragons and riders in the “Dragonriders of Pern” series.

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