HUGE Vampire Diaries Spoilers Inside

…So watch out! If you prefer to be surprised, then you better just resist temptation. I, for one, couldn’t resist, –but that’s okay, I’ll make it somehow. Anyway, there are only a couple episodes left in the season, and after that, we’ll have to wait almost a month and a half for True Blood to start back up, –that’s okay, Moonlight has us covered with lots of True Blood goodies every Sunday. There are some huge happenings going on in Thursday’s episode, and we have a huge scoop of awesomeness for fans.

First off, there’s going to be a big death and it’s not going to be some “oh, he died, but wait, he’s alive again!” death. It’s going to be a “bam! he’s dead! really dead!” death. And we know who’s safe, and who’s at risk. The safe people are, of course: Elena, Damon, Stefan, and Tyler. We’ll explain why the rarely used character Tyler is safe in just a minute. The people at risk are: Matt, Jeremy, Caroline, Bonnie, Alaric, and Jenna. All of which would be a real shame to lose, –for one thing, I love Caroline and Matt, they’re just so sweet, and they’re ‘together’. Losing one of them would be uber sad. Then there’s Alaric, Jenna, and Matt, –all people who are very important to Elena’s obviously delicate social and mental balance. One more major loss like that, and she might have some kind of episode.

And then there’s Bonnie, who has been MIA for the last few episodes anyway, –actually, I really don’t think they’ll kill her off. She’s probably been doing something really important, and we won’t learn what it is until the last minute. But I bet she’ll make it. Which leaves one of my favorite people, –aside from our main characters. We have a gallery of screenshots from the next episode so that you can take your mind off the extremely long, 24 hour wait ahead of you.

The other spoiler alert, is for Tyler, –apparently, in the book series, which is extremely different from the television series FYI, he’s a werewolf. The next episode will be exploring some of Tyler’s wolfy habits during the full moon a bit more, but the men in charge have stated that there won’t be any real werewolf action until the second season or so.

And Damon is just looking better and better in the series, –mainly because Stefan is having a meltdown. Apparently, after his taste of Elena’s blood in the last episode, Stefan is starting to get a taste for the real thing, that being human blood. The last episode ended with Stefan sucking down Damon’s entire stash of human blood. According to our sources, Stefan will be showing his darker side in the next couple of episodes, which will just bring Damon and Elena that much closer. Oooooh! My Damon-senses are a’tinglin’.

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  4. Yeah, it’s true. There are some wolfy things going on in the book series. But it’ll obviously be the next season because the second book is in two volumes, and the wolfy thing happen in the second volume of it. TECHNICALLY, THIS ISN’T REALLY SPOILERISH.

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