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Huzzah! Ed Wood’s studio to be preserved for posterity!

If you don’t know who Ed Wood is, you probably came across this site by accident. And if you don’t know why it is newsworthy, and a cause for celebration, that his workspace, named “Quality Studio” in Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, is being preserved by its new owners, rather than torn down, you also probably found this site by accident. Or else you are a very young fanboy/girl in need of education. If you aren’t aware of the legendary PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, which was filmed at this location, which would mean that you also have never SEEN the film, dubbed the “worst movie ever made” (Note: This is an honorary title. No movie so enjoyable to watch can truly be called “bad.”), the creation of Mr. Wood, the “worst director of all time” (The man was a genius.), you have been sorely deprived. Poor you. But it’s not too late. Hit up that Netflix NOW!

But what’s the vampire connection, the newbies might ask. Surely not even the most greenhorned of the horny greens would NOT know who Bela Lugosi is? Right? Even if they didn’t know that Bela, in his later years, became friends with a young director named Ed Wood, didn’t know that Bela had become largely unmarketable in Hollywood by that time but that Wood was overjoyed to cast him in his pictures, and didn’t know that PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE was Bela’s last picture, they would still recognize the name of the man who was and IS synonymous with DRACULA. Wouldn’t they?


TheCheezman • February 5, 2016

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