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I Hate People

Color me misanthropic.

I, like you, I’m sure, read about trespassers who went into Joshua Tree National Park during Trump’s temper-tantrum governmental shutdown and cut down some of the famed trees for which the park is named, trees which are notoriously slow to regrow. I also see the trash along the sides of the roads—any roads—and read about the devastating effects of rampant, uncurbed pollution. There is no excuse for that, none at all. People just plain suck.

I have reported on the Hoia Baciu forest in Transylvania before. A hot spot of paranormal activity of all sorts, the Hoia Baciu is today cursed. Not by vampires, ghosts, aliens, or anything of the sort. By human beings. Human beings who are cutting down the forest’s trees, leaving behind their litter, tearing up the ground with their three-wheelers and four-wheelers, creating crude roads into the forest’s interior. I know it’s wrong of me, but I can’t help wishing that whatever paranormal entities might be at play in the Hoia Baciu forest would make examples out of those people. They could quietly disappear. Or be killed and mutilated in some macabre supernatural fashion. Either/or. People might think twice about showing such disrespect to our natural—and supernatural—world were that to happen.

TheCheezman • February 15, 2019

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