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Ice Zombie Winter King Whatever

I talked about this a bit last week. I’m one of those people, the minuscule minority, who doesn’t watch GAME OF THRONES. I’m not one of those people who cares if YOU watch GAME OF THRONES. Hating on GAME OF THRONES is apparently a thing now, if one can judge from social media. I don’t hate it. Sports I hate. Sparkly “vampires” I hate. PC extremist culture I hate. GAME OF THRONES? I just don’t care, and I don’t know much about it, and I don’t care enough to bother learning. I read the first book. It was okay. It was well written. But it didn’t “grab” me. Maybe it was the lack of any one central character. I don’t know.

All that being said, somebody explain the thing about the Ice Zombies to me. The “Winter People” or whatever they’re called. Are they all zombies? I know that at one point they killed a dragon, right? And then they brought it back to life as a zombie ice dragon? And instead of breathing fire it thereafter breathed ice? Do I have that right? (That’s pretty badass, I gotta say.) Are the Winter People undead? They ride undead horses, it seems, like my beloved Blind Zombies.

That whole “Winter Is Coming” thing has a double meaning, yes? It’s a warning about the things that exist beyond the wall, right? And that’s the ice zombies? Guess I’ll google it.

Ah, okay. They’re called “White Walkers” (But they aren’t really white. What’s up with that? And their leader, the Night King, looks just like Darth Maul painted blue.) or “the Others”. And they are supernatural in origin. They can transform human beings into beings like themselves, or into underlings called “wights” (like the Barrow Wights in Tolkien’s THE HOBBIT, I’m guessing). So it’s the wights that are zombies.

The White Walkers look cool, pun intended, and if they got their own spinoff series I’d probably watch it.

No, I don’t watch GAME OF THRONES. But if I did, I’d be rooting for the White Walkers.

TheCheezman • May 5, 2019

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