If I Were A Vampire…

When I was 14, reading Anne Rice for the first time, I constantly daydreamed about becoming a vampire and all the adventures I would have. But the years passed, I moved out of the parent’s house, grew up, and now instead of thinking of a life as a vampire, I think about bills, work, and all of that lame shit. But, the question was recently posed to me – “What if you were a vampire?” – and it got me thinking again. So I went back into that mindset and asked myself:

1. What would I look like?
2. Would I have powers?
3. What would I feed on?
4. What would I do for eternity?
5. Would I be alone?

So, in my perfect personal vampire world, what kind of vampire would I be?

What would I look like?
In many of the vampire books I have read, when someone is turned into a vampire they look like a more beautiful version of themselves – every blemish, every split-end, every little flaw just disappears. That’s how I imagine myself. Those books have warped my mind and I picture an Interview with the Vampire Kirsten Dunst/Claudia type of transformation, where one minute she is a sickly child with messy untamed hair and the next she has perfect curls and looks absolutely radiant. That’s how I see myself. Oh, and I have fangs. What’s a vampire without badass fangs?

Would I have powers?
Once again, the vampires in my favorite books and films are coming to mind. In my perfect vampire fantasy I would totally have the glamour powers like the vamps in The Vampire Diaries and I would have super strength and speed. I wouldn’t be all powerful though, that was never appealing to me, the whole nearly invincible vampire thing is too much. Everything needs some kind of weakness.

What would I feed on?
Blood of course. Human blood. I firmly believe that vampires should be predators full of bloodlust – fuck that vegetarian crap. In my mind, vampires are monsters trying to hold on to what’s left of their humanity. Or monsters that have given into their natural instincts. Would I kill a human? I can’t say, I suppose it depends on my self control in that situation and how far I’ve strayed from my human self. Like Elizabeth says in this post, I really don’t understand why animal blood is ok and human blood isn’t. Vampires are predators, they need to feed.

What would I do for eternity?
Read. I am a huge book worm with close to a hundred books on my Amazon wish list and I constantly think “Ahhhh! I won’t ever have the time to read all of these amazing books!” But if I lived forever, I could totally read them all. Yes, I’m a geek. The same thing goes for video games, I love them and I would love to be able to get lost in them forever. Then there’s the obvious one – travel. Even if I wasn’t able to walk in the sunlight and was forever stuck in the dark, traveling would still be fantastic. I’d see everything I could see. It may get boring after a few centuries, but it would be fun in the beginning.

Would I be alone?
Would I get so lonely I would be forced to create a vampire companion? This is one of those questions I can’t really answer. It’s one of things where you don’t know how you would act until you were actually put into that situation. I am a huge loner as it is, so I can’t see myself doing that, but I can’t know for sure. But turning someone aside, would I live alone or would I live among the living? Many vampires in books and films interact with humans so that they won’t lose their humanity, so that they won’t forget what it means to be human. But doing that leaves yourself open for a lot of heartache, because the humans you befriend will grow old and die. Once again, I honestly can’t say what I would do in that situation. Lame answer, I know. But I don’t know how well I’d cope and how time would affect me.

Honestly, there are a million other questions and answers about what kind of vampire I would be and what my undead life would be like, but if I went into all of that, you guys would be reading for hours and hours, so I’ll stop here. Haha.

In my imagination, being a vampire would be pretty rad (for the most part), unfortunately it’s all a sweet dream.

Now say to yourself… “If I were a vampire…” and let us know what you come up with.

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


  1. It all depends on the kind of vampire you are. Those of “True Blood” don’t have it so hard (except for their feudal/mafia-like society), but the undead in “Let Me In” are in effect possessed by a demon–when they feed they kill and have little control over said demon. Vampires in “Salem’s Lot” are almost mindless. “Twilight” vampires also must kill to feed, and when they do their victims die in horrible agony. Anne Rice’s vampires are sexually impotent, Brian Lumley’s become mutant demons, those in “The Strain” are disgusting monsters, while the vampires in “Forever Knight” seem to have the best of most worlds.

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  6. Hm, if I could say something about it? I would be beautiful, rosy, dressed in gorgeous clothes, so clean I don´t need toilets, bathrooms or showers, I would feed on human blood – my bite would create other monsters, so we would need birth-control via vampire-hunting!- and I would spend my time with writing, reading, listening music, hanging in net, having vampire balls and of course preying people! I would walk in sunlight, of course. I would be full on energy – no health problems anymore!

  7. if i was a vampire i wouldnt care if i could walk in the sunlight, im cool with the night. i would totally drink human blood but animal blood could also be convient sometimes. i wouldnt care about the powers but they would be cool, as long as i had strength and speed im happy. as for what i would do in my free time i would read, write, travel and maybe help people. and i wouldny get lonely because ive been a loner all my life

    1. you would have to get lonely no one to talk to…no one to play with… no one to hunt with.. werewolves have a pack we all stick be each other ….u need soemone atleast one person…..or vampire……even if im a werewolf i still care for people or vampires…i dont fight them unless i have a reason but i make sure i dont kill them .. i fight them when they mess wiht us and dont kil them to teach them a lesson that i will figh them if they mess with me …u need someone …u must have someone …atleast someone like a friend or a boyfriend or a family that loves u…werewolves have to run away from there family so they dont hurt them…we still love our family but we just dont want to hurt them…one member from my pack has stayed with ther family so my whole packed stayed and watched him and made sure he didnt hurt them one night he was about to so my pack (who was waiting around the house)came in and took him away we had to make sure that they didnt remember him but i think they still remember him…… u need someone

      from a werewolf

  8. If I were a vampire, I would enjoy every bite of my unlife. I would take the time to read all the books I wanna read for so long and do everything I want to experience all of life, well of the unlife. I certainly would feed on human blood, for I don’t get why vampires would feed on animals blood. Anyway, for what I’m sure I would find myself a great lair like Castle Dracula and live there with a vampire companion to share unlife fun. For being all alone for eternity isn’t my wish, but being a vampire certainly is. I love the vampires that Dracula or Eric Northman (from the Sookie Stackhouse series) are and I would love to become a vampire with similar personnality traits while conserving my own personnality as well. I’m sure I would be a hell of a vampire. Someday or some night …

  9. If I were a vampire…
    1) I imagine that I would be the same as now, only with a little grayer skin!
    2)Well,I would be fast and strong,have enchanted senses and an amazing mind control ability.
    3)Blood,human blood.Either from a human directly or from a bloodbag,both actually.
    4)Ha!That’s easy. Reading,writing,traveling and maybe attend university evening classes. :)
    5)Guess I would have time to be lonely and interact with people. I don’t think I would create another vampire,the responsibility is not for me.

  10. if i were a vampire WAIT…… what the hell am i talking about i dont want to be a vampire i want to be werewolf… if i were a werewolf
    1) i would have black fur
    2) i would not be lonely
    3) i would live among other werewolves and we would live in the woods and have wolves travel with us and we would be like a pack
    4) i would leave my pack in the moring with my werewolf friends that live with me and live a “human” life and come back at night my werewolf friends and i would always be together no matter what
    5) we would eat animals and try not to eat humans
    6) it would be hard for us to blend in at night being around humans becuase we change and at moring when someone messes with us its hard to contral our temper….and the people that see us at night we MUST EAT THEM if they live then they would tell our sercet to the world and we would forever be hunted….WATCH OUT HUMANS…. we will not attack vampires unless they mess with us…DONT MESS WITH US VAMPIRES..
    thats my werewolf life live it love it deal with it

  11. wow alot of people want to be vampires why dont you vampire fans ask a vampire to bite you and you can learn there ways and become one i have no problem with that its just one waring VAMPIRES BEWARE MY PACK

  12. how many people want to be vampires??why not werewolves?? what did we do to you??what is so great about vampires??i want my questions answered by every person who wants to be a vampire i might be able to change your mind

  13. why is no one answering these days???what just cause there is a werewolf on a vampires site no one will talk back!!??!! rrrr vampires these days!! like no one is talking cause a werewolf is on a vampires site!!wow what did i do?? so i want your race to die out whats the big deal you want werewolves to die out!! why cant werewolves think the same thing?? you think were monsters that cant control our selves!! would you like it if i went up to you and call you a blood sucker monster thats scared of there own shawdow!! huh you wouldnt like it!! so dont call us monsters or think it!! we dont liek being called monsters that can tbe control ourselves!!what you think we want to be this way no we want to control our selves and not be called monster cause ill find you and hunt you down werewolves honor no lie no game trust me if you dont want us to think bad about you dont think or talk bad about us yea we have feelings just think you but only you dont have a …soul…we all have feelings you wouldnt want me to come up to you and say vanpire should die well no i dont say that but the ones who come to attack me and my pack they will die well ill try my best not to kill them wiht one swipe with my paw!! wow your lucky werewolves have no thumbs that sucks LUCKY VAMPIES!!werewolves have no thumbs!! lucky you see look you have something we dont have well we have things you dont have and you have thing we dont have like for example thumbs or fangs see were all different

    1. No one is replying because you are rambling on and on about nonsense. Also, you aren’t staying on topic.

  14. If I were a vampire…

    1. I’d have gnarly-looking teeth. They’d be large and pointy, and they’d stick out in odd directions. My skin would be pale, and I’d be very skinny.
    2. Yes. My powers would be great strength and speed, and fast healing. I’d have super strong smelling and the ability to disappear into the shadows. I’d have the power to turn into a monstrous bat. And I’d also have the ability to “influence” people, or in other words, make them do what I want as long as they have weak wills. But I’d also have weaknesses. I’d burn up in sunlight, but not as quickly as in movies. I’d get sick around garlic. And anything holy would weaken or maybe even harm me, as long as it were blessed or used by someone who has strong faith.
    3. Human blood.
    4. Everything. I’d do all the things my fear of death or ending up on the streets would normally stop me from doing.
    5. No. There’d be others, though it wouldn’t be guaranteed we’d be friends.

  15. 1. What would I look like?
    Agreed, i’d want to basically look like that beautiful version of myself without any flaws.

    2. Would I have powers?
    Yes, having powers would be cool. I’d want one of the following: seeing the future, mind control, mind reading, or at least the ability to know if someone’s lying to me. PLUS the super strength and speed :)

    3. What would I feed on?
    Humans, of course. Unless im far from any human settlement, then i guess animal blood would have to do…

    4. What would I do for eternity?
    I’d travel the world, see everything there is to see. Plus, when im done with all of that i’d read and write (especially write). Also i’d do things i would never had done as a human (i cant think of any examples at the moment so yeah… lol)

    5. Would I be alone?
    No, i wouldnt. I’d have a vampire companion and a vampiric Siberian Husky (i luv those types of dogs). Me, my partner, and my dog would move around alot and see different places. But in each place we see, we’d stay there for a somewhat short amount of time.

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