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If THE STRAIN’s vamps look familiar, there’s a reason.

In recent years we got so hung up on sexy vampires who ached to assimilate into society that we forgot how to make them undesirable and frightening.

I’m really digging on THE STRAIN, even though I’m only a little ways into it. I’ve both started at the beginning, watching the first season on DVD from the debut episode onward in sequential order, and also started tuning in to FX on Sunday nights. This makes it a little tricky to follow, as I’m missing a lot of the in-between stuff that has happened, but I have no doubt I’ll be able to put the pieces together, and I’ll catch up as I continue to watch season one.

One of the first things that struck me, though, as I delved into the series, is the resemblance the vampires bear to the character Nomak in BLADE 2. To remind you, Nomak was basically an “evolved” vampire, genetically modified, lifted to the next rung on the vampiric evolutionary ladder. He was also my favorite character, and looked cool as hell. It makes sense that there’d be a family resemblance to his STRAIN brotherhood, as both the series and BLADE 2 are brainchildren of visionary director Guillermo Del Toro. I’m wondering if there’s any way they could finagle a guest appearance by Nomak in the series? I know he’s supposed to have died at the end of the movie, but c’mon. When have you known a vampire to stay dead?



TheCheezman • August 24, 2015

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