Image Comics Reveals ‘Shinku’

There is a new vampire comic coming soon, one which features not your love-struck romantics, but your classic badass vamps! Thank goodness! Writer Ron Marz and artist Lee Moder recently announced their upcoming vampire comic titled Shinku. Published by Image Comics, the vamps in Shinku aren’t your pathetic brooding babies, but brutal killers with ties to ancient Japan.

The story takes place in modern day Japan where an ancient feud between two clans of samurai vampires spills over into present day. Its protagonist is the last surviving member of her clan.

Ron Marz spoke with CBR about the project, discussing the story and why his vamps are monsters, not heartthrobs.

“This is the book for everybody who thinks Twilight turned vampires into a bunch of pussies,” Marz told CBR. “Truthfully, the idea was in my head for this book a number of years ago before Twilight ever became a pop culture phenomenon.

“This is my vampire story. And in my vampire story, they aren’t dreamy pale hunks. They are horrible blood-sucking monsters. Shinku is the heroine of the story. It’s her job to kill the monsters.”

After more Twilight bashing, Marz then spoke about the other characters in the comic, from the good guys to the villains.

“The point-of-view character for the audience is a guy named Davis, who’s a pretty typical Californian. Certainly not somebody who has any experience with vampires or the supernatural. He’s really the way into the story for readers, as he’s drawn into a world he didn’t even know existed. But Davis is not just a p.o.v. character. The importance of who he is and what he does will become apparent as the story unfolds. Shinku also has an aide, pretty much her only friend, in a sumo who was disgraced in a gambling scandal. I love the physical contrasts of this small, lithe woman and this hulking brute of a man. The primary villain is the daimyo of the vampire clan, who has lived for hundreds of years, ever since the feudal period. He’s absolutely the villain, but there’s also a sense of nobility to him. He has the sense of honor you might find in the head of an organized crime family, especially compared to the younger punks coming up through the ranks. He’s old school.”

Read the full interview with CBR here.

As someone that despises Twilight, I’m pretty geeked about Shinku. I’ll definitely be checking this one out. What about you?

Shinku #1 will be available on June 1.

– Moonlight

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