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In Defense of the Leviathans

Last week, writing about my sighting of a copy of THE DUNWICH HORROR in AQUAMAN, I mentioned the former as having been the inspiration for the Leviathans storyline in DARK SHADOWS. This got me to thinking. Among DS fans, the Leviathans are divisive. Some fans didn’t care for the storyline. A few have even—erroneously—gone so far as to suggest the storyline marked the nadir of the series, that it was with the appearance of the Leviathans that DARK SHADOWS jumped the shark. (If you are wondering about the origin of this phrase, it goes back to HAPPY DAYS and the episode thereof where the Fonz literally jumped over a shark while waterskiing.)

Personally, I loved the Leviathans storyline, as I loved all the plots of DARK SHADOWS. (The series *never* jumped the shark. It never even came close. Series creator Dan Curtis has stated that it was around the time of the Leviathans that *he* began to lose interest, but that had nothing to do with the quality of the show. In truth he hadn’t had all that much to do with the show for a while before that and it was doing just fine.) The only thing I didn’t like about the whole thing was the way they made Barnabas Collins subservient to the Leviathans for a time there at the beginning of the story. (They later did a soft retcon on this, showing that he had only been placed under a spell.) And I wanted a real fistfight between him and the creatures, but as it was a daytime television series without the budget for heavy stunt work I understand why they couldn’t do that.

I dig the Leviathans so much that I’ve considered getting the Leviathan symbol tattooed on my wrist, just like the Paul Stoddard character in the show.

TheCheezman • January 13, 2019

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