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In Memoriam: Stan Lee

The Man has left the building. And we are all poorer for it.

When Ray Bradbury died in 2012, I proclaimed on social media that the world’s greatest living writer had left us. Now I can unfortunately say that again. Let the snooty-snoots scoff, but I challenge them to name even one creator whose work has had more of an influence on society, one writer whose work is more over, more beloved, or more valued. (And please note that the ability to affect the culture at large, the extent of this ability, is the criteria for measuring greatness.) Name one. I’ll make it easy for you: there isn’t one. Nobody has played a bigger part in the shaping of modern culture than Stan “The Man” Lee. No-body.

Stan was 95 and had been in declining health, so there was nothing unexpected about his passing. Yet we grieve all the same. We grieve for ourselves.

Stan Lee, creator of worlds. Stan Lee, architect of dreams. Stan Lee, legend. I’m glad that he lived long enough to see his creations become the global icons that they are today. As a creator, I can’t imagine much that would be more satisfying. And I’m glad that, in a sense, he is still with us, will always be with us. He lives on in this world through his creations.

Excelsior, Stan. Onward and upward! And thank you.

TheCheezman • November 14, 2018

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