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In Praise of Veidt

I used to, in the long-ago days before Facebook and Twitter, when one had to resort to blogs and standard websites to find information, follow Monster Island News regularly. I still keep up with them on the social medias, but I have unfortunately lost any confidence in any of the opinions expressed by my fellow Monsterkidz in charge of the site after they badmouthed STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. Be warned, fellow Internet purveyors of Horror-related content. If I see you disparaging LAST JEDI, I will immediately dismiss anything and everything you have to say from that point onwards. “Oh, he’s one of THOSE people,” I will say to myself, and your credibility with me will instantly drop to zero. It’d be kinda like me learning that you’re a Trump supporter. Except SW:TLJ haters only lose my respect for your opinion, whereas being a Trump supporter will earn you my everlasting scorn.

Still, the folks at Monster Island News are right about Conrad Veidt not getting the credit he deserves. His performance in the silent film THE MAN WHO LAUGHS inspired the creation of the Joker, the same way the movie THE BAT inspired the creation of Batman. Veidt’s biggest genre role, however, was in the legendary THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI where he played the sleeping murderer Cesare. If Cesare the somnambulist didn’t achieve the heights—or depths—of creepiness enjoyed by Max Shreck’s NOSFERATU, he comes close. He helped lay the foundation for modern Horror cinema, without question. He also played Rasputin and Ivan the Terrible. Oh, and the Devil—twice. In case you needed any more convincing.

TheCheezman • October 22, 2018

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