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In Search of a Sculptor

Take a look at the photograph of this statue. I ran across it online and I liked it. I love the contrast of the red blood, which I would assume is water containing food coloring or some other dye (unless it’s photoshopped), and the stark white of the marble, if indeed it is marble and not some marble-looking other substance. It’s disturbing. It’s sexy. It’s beautiful. It’s ugly. And it looks like a birdbath. It would make a great birdbath, if the colorized water wouldn’t be harmful to the birds and squirrels that would drink from it. I also kinda doubt that birds would bathe in the water, since they’d risk dying themselves red. Point is, though, I dig on this statue.

I have no idea who the sculptor is. I would gladly credit him or her if I did. Any of you out there know who created this piece? Have him or her give me a holler and I’ll do them homage here on this site. A plus to that, should the sculptor get in touch with me, is that I can ask him or her if the piece is indeed supposed to function as a birdbath. The kind of birdbath Elizabeth Bathory or Vlad Dracula would have in her-slash-his garden.

TheCheezman • April 17, 2019

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