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In Search of the Highgate Vampire Victims

I was asked by my friend, vampire investigator Erin Chapman, to help spread the word about the search underway for two women who were reputedly the victims of respective attacks by a vampire in London in the late sixties and early seventies. Longtime vampire fans should be all too familiar with the case of the “Highgate Vampire.” Chronicled in newspaper articles of the time and later embellished upon in a book called THE HIGHGATE VAMPIRE by self-professing “vampire hunter” Sean Manchester, the event, or series of events, still gets plenty of press, despite being largely discredited, several times recently by Ms. Chapman herself. (The version of events handed down by Manchester’s hated rival, fellow so-called “vampire hunter” David Farrant, has also been widely called into question. Farrant and Manchester hate each other to this day.)

The two women who were purported victims of the Highgate Vampire are named Elizabeth Wojdyla and Jaqueline Cooper. (The latter may be, or may have been, Manchester’s wife.) Getting their versions of events, their corroborations of their respective attacks, would fill in a whole lotta holes. Unfortunately both women have vanished into obscurity. Can you help find them? Somebody out there knows something…


TheCheezman • February 19, 2016

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