Indie Vampire Film ‘The New Neighbor’ in the Works

There’s a new indie film in the making titled The New Neighbor. As most indie films are, this is a low-budget vampire flick, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a look. So check out the details below.

newneighborOfficial press release:

“From writer/producer Brandon Sites (Fat Kid Massacre: The Short Film Version) and director James Cullen Bressack (Hate Crime) comes The New Neighbor, a film that combines elements of horror, mystery, and erotic thriller to create a thrilling horror movie experience. The New Neighbor is set to start production in the Virginia area on January 14 with filming ending by the end of the month. Heading up the cast of The New Neighbor is Kaylee Williams (Porkchop 3D, Slices of Life) and raising horror star Ryan Sandefur (MTV’s “Teen Wolf” Season 2, Fat Kid Massacre).

The New Neighbor is about a college student (Kaylee Williams) and her brother, who notice a puzzling epidemic sweeping their neighborhood timed to the arrival of a new neighbor. Everyone starts to turns pale, they act anemic, they avoid sunlight and they might have a strange bite mark on their necks. The siblings become convinced that the new neighbor is slowly turning everyone into vampires. To complicate matters, sis finds herself inexplicably drawn to the new neighbor (Ryan Sandefur). Is she a moth being drawn to the flame? Or is there a greater evil at work?

Sites explains his motivation: “Instead of just focusing on vampires biting people, I wanted to focus on things such as secrecy, mystery, emotional vampirism, and sexuality – all things inherent to vampires. I think that’s what is going to make our vampire film different from other films in the genre.”

For more on the film check out The New Neighbor on Facebook.

What do you guys think?

– Moonlight

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