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Interview with a Vampire Fighter

Full transcript available at my blog:

I was thrilled this week to be able to participate in a telephone interview with THE STRAIN and ANT MAN star Corey Stoll. Even though I didn’t get my question in the queue soon enough to have it answered (there was only a short amount of time allotted for the interview and more of us interviewers with questions than there was time for Mr. Stoll to respond to them), fortunately the last person to get through asked pretty much what I had planned to ask. I would have asked Mr. Stoll if he found inspiration for his performance in any of the historic depictions of vampire fiction—and for me, “historic” can also include, say, Christopher Lee movies. “Historic” doesn’t equate “old.”

How did Stoll, who portrays Dr. Ephraim Goodweather on the hit FX series, respond to my unasked, but intended question? “I don’t know if there’s something that resurfaces; it’s hard to explain but it’s just when you’re on the set, there’s a moment when you first get on set where you see the lighting and the makeup and everything and there is a moment of, wow, that’s really cool. And then by the fourth set up and the twentieth take, you know, it just becomes work.” Just work? Not for us, Corey. Not for us.


TheCheezman • August 29, 2015

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