Interview with An Ex-Vampire: Part 1

The first four videos are fairly disturbing, and some of the most disturbing parts are added at the beginning of the third tape/hour/DVD. Honestly, this looks more like a videotape. But the first tape covers mostly all of Bill Schnoebel’s bullshit regarding his insertion into this Wiccan/Witchcraft/channeling lifestyle. He apparently went around, and this is in the second tape, stealing his fellow magicians’ powers by preaching at them, and once they hear this magical celestial prayer, they no longer have any magick power. Too bad there are no grounds to sue over the theft of magick powers; according to Bill, he’d have filed bankruptcy long ago.

Most of the first and second tapes are all about the Wiccans, and his interpretation of ‘pantheistic’ deity worship, and around the middle, he begins discussing Satanism, and ‘real’ Satanism. I’ve actually covered the topic, Laveyan Satanism vs. Theistic Satanism in the past, –and much more informatively, without all the first-hand examples of imbecilic behavior, if I do say so myself. So if you’re actually interested in a basic overview of the two most basic forms of Satanic Worship, visit… Towards the end of the third tape, Bill starts talking about Freemasonry, and while most of what he’s talking about is completely ludicrous, he starts up in the third tape, by adding that the higher you go in the Freemasonry order, the more demonic the teachings and rituals get.

According to Bill, the higher order of Freemasons practice sexual vampirism; they believe, once again, this is all Bill, –that by having sex with children, they can steal their life force, allowing these crusty old men to gain back their youth, –which apparently works, Schnoebel says. The exact quote:

…Sexual vampirism goes on and this explains why there is an epidemic of child sexual abuse among Masons, as they believe (also commonly held among Illuminists) that if you have sex with a child you steal some of their youth and that in turn makes you live longer, and if you have sex with lots of children and the younger the better, you can live virtually forever and this is the promise held out by Masons.

Which begs the question as to whether or not Bill got so high in the order of Freemasons, and so involved with their practices and society, did he ever have sex with children? But the interviewer of course never asks that. She justs goes on, until suddenly, they’re talking about the Shriners, who, Bill says, are dedicated to glorifying Islam. This all, somehow, gets drawn back to the Shriners somehow being Satan worshipers, which Freemasonry is also involved in and blah blah blah. Honestly, I felt like my brains were being massaged with a bread knife through most of this.

Towards the end of the third tape, he begins discussing how all our politicians are laying out our cities in Freemason designed formats or maps, and they are also, of course, Masons, who have been initiated with rituals that involve, for example, laying in coffins naked with red strings tied around their cocks, and being forced to recite all their sexual encounters to all their fellow members. Uh huh. And during all this, there are skulls sitting around, one of them allegedly belong to ‘Adam’, –the first man. Then he goes on to accuse John Kerry and George Bush of being Masons that are higher up in the Freemasonry pecking order… which is the most believable part of the interview I’ve seen so far.

The second half of the third tape, Bill begins talking about how Catholics are really just a lite version of Freemasons, and the Pope is a head honcho in the Freemason society, and so on. But I actually had to stop the DVD to write this one down; he starts talking about how The Exorcist –the film, not an actual exorcist, which, in Bill’s insane ramblings, would be just as plausible, –brought him back from Wicca to Catholicism, and he starts:

Bill Schnoebel: “As luck would have it, –remember, the root of the word ‘luck’ is Lucifer…”

Interviewer, Stephanie Relfe: “Really?”

Schnoebel: “Yeah, so the next time you say ‘good luck’ to somebody, watch it.”

Relfe: “Ooo.”

Schnoebel: “There is no luck in the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s all Divine Providence.”

Okay Bill. Actually, the root of the word luck, is explained in Wikipedia, pretty thoroughly. And nowhere do they mention Lucifer. The first half of the fourth hour of the interview is all about Bill’s experiences with Catholicism, yawn. Swearing allegiance to a pope of “voodoo”… uh huh, instead of the actual pope. Lucifer was also in charge of Bill’s life while he was a Catholic, and a Mason, and a high priest in the Wiccan community. He was also taught to believe by the Catholics at some point, that Christ and Lucifer are the same person. So by part four, I really can’t say exactly what’s going on in his brain. It’s not until the end of the fourth hour that he mentions vampires again, when he says that the most beautiful woman he ever met was a vampire.

Relfe: “Was she dead?”

Schnoebel: “Yes.”

Wow. And then from there, he jumps into another subject, false Christianity, and the rest of that crap. Apparently the majority or people who we know as Christians, are actually devil worshipers who want to swallow our souls. And we can tell they’re false Christians, because they smell of brimstone. Next week, we’ll go into the rest of the interview. I’m going to go give my brain a rest, before my eyes explode.

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  2. He accuses other people as pedos without any evidence? What filthy pervert.
    I also read from net that he claims how he burned in the sun as the vampire. Hm, folklore disagrees with him. Nosferatu added vampires-burn-in-the-sun-lore fairly recently, in 1922.

    1. true while Dracula can actually walk in the sun, it declines his powers but doesn’t kill him
      I bet this will be the case in many other stories aswell (although I’m not that good informed yet ;-))

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  4. True story (that will completely reveal the extend of my nerdery)

    If you can hunt down one of the old White Wolf gaming supplements (I seem to recall it was titled Project Midnight – it was either 2nd or 3rd ed, and focused on mortal government agents that fight the supernatural), there will be an NPC named “Bill Schnoebelin”, who has managed to cobble together a truly insane flowchart that Eris would be proud of, charting the supernatural power structures that secretly govern the world.

    He’s portrayed in the book as a half-crazy obsessive, stuck at the Bureau because nowhere else will have him.

    Frankly, I don’t think the name is a coincidence…

  5. Sort of, Rachel. The NPC’s name is Bob Schnoblin – but yeah, I noticed the freakish similarity when I saw it too.

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