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Interview with Director of KILD-TV William Collins

I had the chance to chat with William Collins, the director of KILD-TV, the feature film which won the award for Best Picture at LEGLESS CORPSE FILM FESTIVAL this past weekend (April 23rd and 24th at Somerville Playhouse in north Alabama). I found him to be a charming gentleman—who moved to the Unites States from Argentina at age 12 and still retains traces of his accent—eager to talk about his passions, the primary one of which is filmmaking. (He was also rather passionate about the recent news of Scarlett Johansson’s casting for a live-action GHOST IN THE SHELL movie. You can read his thoughts of the subject, reprinted at my blog, via the link below.)

The owner/operator of EYECANDYINC.COM, the largest production company in Houston, Texas, Collins has an extensive history of producing and directing films and TV series, having worked with the likes of Lance Henrikson, Shirley MacLaine, and (they’re still working out the details for the next production) Morgan Freeman. A Horror fan in childhood who used to “curl up in bed with FANGORIA,” Collins says he had largely grown out of Horror until KILD-TV reawakened his passion for it. Still, he maintains—and I am in 100% agreement—that most Horror today is essentially “porn,” where threadbare storylines are concocted around excuses to show gore FX, and that Horror fans are “starved for content.” (Yes, we are.) The script for KILD-TV, written by mathematician-cum-scriptwriter Channing Whitaker as a psychological thriller, was, let us say “augmented” by Collins (Collins doesn’t like to credit himself as a writer on the project) and turned into a proper Horror movie complete with gore effects. It isn’t the gooey stuff Collins objects to, then, but the gratuitous use of it, sans storytelling. Speaking as a fan, I thanked him for his taking this approach. I wish more filmmakers would follow his lead.


TheCheezman • May 10, 2016

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