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Interview with Richard Sammel and Ruta Gedmintas of THE STRAIN Part One

I was thrilled to take part in another conference telephone interview with THE STRAIN stars Ruta Gedmintas (Dutch) and Richard Sammel (Thomas Eichorst) this past week. Again I wasn’t provided with a transcript, so I had to take copious notes and write them down quickly so as not to miss anything pertinent. Credit the wonders of modern technology that I was sitting on top of a mountain in rural Alabama, Ruta was in Florida visiting her grandmother, and Richard was, as he said, relaxing on a beach in Spain (and God knows where all else the other interviewers were), yet the connection was mostly clear. (I had no problems hearing anything, at least, although Sammel and Gedmintas experienced some difficulty hearing some of the questions.

Two different interviewers pressed the stars for, let us say, “insights” into the future of the series, and specifically the remaining episodes of season two. It was humorous that both stars seemed a little stumped, afraid of giving away any spoilers. Ruta even said that she had been advised not to answer questions like that because she is “really bad” at it. Richard managed to use a lot of flowery adjectives to tell us more or less nothing, which I admired, since I didn’t want to hear spoilers anyway. Why ruin the fun?
More on this interview following.


TheCheezman • October 3, 2015

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