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Father Sebastiaan is considered by many to be the head of the international Vampyre community. He seems to be found all over the globe, yet somehow remains an elusive character. Who is he behind the rockstar persona he projects? Considering that he is impresario for the Endless Night Vampire Ball (New Orleans, New York, Paris, Venice), master fangsmith for custom made fang company ‘Sabretooth’, published author  (“Vampyre Sanguinomicon: The Lexicon of the Living Vampire” and “The Vampyre Grimoire”), tour guide and owner of the Paris Ghost and Mystery tour, what else is he planning for the future?

Christina Emery: Thank you for your time and for giving readers of an insight into your world. Anyone on the vampire scene worldwide will have heard your name mentioned or will recognize your trademark cowboy hat if they happen to bump into you. Have you purposefully worked to achieve this status or is such fame irrelevant to you?
Father Sebastiaan: Thank you for having me. Fame is a tool, a tool which I had to accept, embrace and become comfortable with employing to serve the agenda of supporting those who are in agreement with me. In my 20s it was something which went to my head and I ran from. However now living in Europe and looking back at all this time and experience I have learned to use it to communicate and unite.

CE: Why do you use the spelling ‘Vampyre’ instead of ‘vampire’? Also, can you describe you philosophy as a Strigoi Vii, or Living Vampyre? Surely the most common perspective is that vampires are undead beings (and some say fictitious)?
FS: Well, the first thing to know is that there are almost as many interpretations of vampires as there are individuals who embrace this word as their own.

‘Vampyre’ was the spelling I was taught by my first mentors to describe those people who identify with the “Vampyre Spirit”; a common agreement, karma and path that empowered me and others around me. With this “culture” I thought I needed to be furthered, developed, and fostered. That is why I founded the Sabretooth Clan, a kind of “fang club” for my fang clients to network in and to celebrate together their love of the Vampyre Spirit.

However, mine is one of a unique position as I have made it my life quest to find those who are like me through my art of fangsmithing and my spiritual explorations. I was heavily influenced by the books I read but most importantly by the people who I met. I am not speaking for those who have other visions on vampires, just what touches and calls out to me.

Strigoi Vii is a more focused, spiritual and philosophical path which I was introduced to in the 1990s by several people. It touched me so deeply that I wanted to know more, so through my research I was able to piece together what agreements I could find and after almost 20 years the result was an organized collection of notes which became “Vampyre Sanguinomicon: The Lexicon of the Living Vampire”.

CE: With the deluge of vampire TV series, films, literature and fashion in recent years, is the public more accepting of you as a Vampyre? How do you see the popularity of the vampire genre in, say, ten years’ time?
FS:  It actually is amazing how many people love them however it is not the fictional vampires who get the slack, it is the real ones who people always attempt to humiliate.

Within Sabretooth we always had overall positive media from CNN and MTV amongst others because we embrace style and image which is part vampire, part Sabretooth.

As Vampyres and vampires become better known and more accepted you would be surprised how the media grows.

I am hoping for Anne Rice’s books to be made into a mini series like “Pillars of the Earth” or “Game of Thrones” with an adult and real world flair. These two series have broken ice which laid a foundation for Anne’s books and vision to be made in a way which will do them justice. I could see vampire reality series, vampire clubs and restaurants, art galleries, dance studios, etc. I think things will become more and more real, which film, as a backdrop, will be the inspiration for.

Of course my favorite movie, which isn’t actually a vampire flick, is “Fight Club”; Project Mayhem really inspired the new structure of the Sabretooth Clan.

CE: Do you identify with Anne Rice’s Lestat in the sense of the slogan “Come out, come out, wherever you are”? Some might say that living in the spotlight can be dangerous for the community and may expose certain secrets that should remain behind the Veil.
FS: You could say that it was dangerous 15 years ago to come out of the coffin, now globally everyone is fascinated with the vampire. You can go to your job in many places (not all) and be open, free and not just accepted but celebrated. Many people mock “Twilight” but it brought an image of vampires to high school cheerleaders, moms, our sisters and even to Mormons (as Stephanie Meyers) which they could embrace.

Like Anne Rice before her, then “Vampire the Masquerade” (a role-playing game), the world is fascinated with those who consider themselves vampire. The world is seduced by this anti-hero and want it to be real so bad they have turned around. So today is a good day to be a Vampyre.

CE: Speaking of veils, I read that your next book will be entitled “Vampyre Virtues: The Red Veils”. Could you tell us more? Is there a release date?
FS: Sure. After writing “Sanguinomicon” I realized it was a heavy, deep and esoteric book for a very select individual who took on the challenge of its teachings. There are so many more people, globally, who needed a more direct and open vision of the Vampyre Mysteries – it’s more accessible for a broader audience.

This book is about the secret methods which can be used in everyday life, embracing everything positive and empowering in the vampire archetype through real world concepts such as romance, love, decadence, rock & roll, love, loyalty, passion, absinthe, nobility, dance, film, material mastery, food, life, libertine, etc. This is writing from the perspective of years of interactions with my fang clients and the other Vampyres I have met. So it is basically the virtues of the Sabretooths, those I was able to spend 45 minutes with making their fangs and learning about their interests, loves, desires and life. Yet at the same time rejecting all negatives of the archetype. It is written not to turn someone into a vampire but to share a small level of our secrets. What makes this book different is it is not an esoteric book, just inspiration and aiming to challenge the world.

It will release this October as a special edition in English on and and in French in December. Visit my website for more details. My good friend William Vocant is doing the artwork like tarot cards, I am very excited to see it in print.

CE: Do you privately listen to “vampire music”? Any favorite bands?
FS: Well I don’t think there is one type of Vampire Music, however I love Theatres des Vampires, the entire soundtracks of Lord of the Rings, the Crow, the Matrix, Interview with the Vampire, Queen of the Damned and Fight Club! There was also a good soundtrack for the German vampire movie “We are the Night”. But I secretly love Lady Gaga. She is my little dirty pleasure hahaha.

CE: The next major date in your calendar is the Night of the Vampires at Club AntiChrist, London (UK). What will be happening there?
FS: Yes, this club is amazing, a place of freedom and a mix of people from all walks of life celebrating. At first I was weary of the name AntiChrist because of the Satanic overtones, however it is more of a fun place where people can let go, very much like a mix of a fetish party and a rock concert. The Night of the Vampires will be a prelude to introduce the Sabretooth style of Vampyres to the UK which we have been working on for years. People are excited, that is what is most rewarding. We are going to have dancers, play rooms, a Vampyre Ceremony entitled the Red Mass, expressing the virtues I have put in “Vampyre Virtues” and loads of dancing, revelry and fun! Missy, Dom and their krewe are fantastic, enthusiastic and hungry to make a universe which welcomes all of like mind.

CE: In your very busy schedule I also noticed that you will be spending Halloween in New Orleans, hosting the Endless Night Vampire Ball. I read the sad news that this may be the last one to take place in New Orleans after 15 years – can you confirm this?
FS: New Orleans is simply the most magical place I have ever been and my heart is always attuned to this city. This year (2011) is not our last, the vision is to end it in 2012 with a theme party celebrating Planet X and welcoming back Nibiru, the legendary 12th planet.

Right now Halloween is an experience unlike any other and the Endless Night Vampire Ball is truly a part of the spirit of NOLA. However like all good things there are beginnings and endings. I don’t see this as an end, but an opportunity to go out with a bang and share this spirit globally. My ultimate goal has been offered by a sponsor, which is to do a 4-day completely enclosed festival in a castle for Halloween weekend. Think Renaissance Faire meets a nightclub meets a cosplay event topped off with a music festival with major bands and lectures with authors and speakers from around the world. Similar to a Burning Man festival for Vampyres!

This is not the end of Endless Night but just a new beginning, and we will not forget New Orleans nor will we abandon her. We might even create something bigger and more interesting, but that is a secret for now.

CE: What other projects are you currently working on and what are your plans for the future?
FS: Oh I have loads up my sleeve, many ideas but for now I am focusing on writing, developing the Endless Night Vampire Ball in Europe and of course my favorite pleasure – making fangs. Next year I am writing a book on the Mysteries of Paris and my ultimate goal is to open a Sabretooth Mansion which will be part bed and breakfast, part Vampyre Temple and inspired by some of the elements of the Playboy Mansion. Hugh Hefner is a major inspiration for me.

My plans for the future? Well, take a long deserved holiday, then get back into the swing of things. World domination is just too much work, so I want to build my little world and fill it with amazing people to mutually inspire each other and get the most out of life. Most of my dreams when I was 20 have come true, now I am making new ones to share.

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– Christina Emery, former Editor of the UK’s Alternative Magazine.

By Urban Angel

resides in London, England. She was Music News Editor for "Alternative Magazine" and can often be seen at various goth and geeky events throughout London and Europe. One of her main hobbies is playing the electric violin for a trad goth band. Along with music, vampires are one of her passions and she loves to explore the mysteries of the vampire, whether fictional, mythological or real.


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  6. Thank you, Christina and Father Sebastiaan, for an enlightening interview. This human interest perspective is really appreciated.

    I am look forward to the Vampyre Virtues. I have enjoyed Vampyre Sanguinomicon, so I am sure the next tome will be an exciting read.


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