Interview with True Blood’s Child Vampire

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you are behind on True Blood.

With the warning out of the way we can discuss Alexander Drew, True Blood’s angelic looking, yet wicked vampire. This unique vamp was turned at the very young age of 9, and as you saw on the show, served the Vampire Authority as a Chancellor. This evil and murderous vampire was recently killed by Roman for betraying their cause and being a secret Sanguinista. In memory of this creepy, somewhat irritating, child vampire I bring you a recent interview from Jacob Hopkins, the actor behind Alexander.

How exciting is it to work on TRUE BLOOD?
You know, I’ve never seen the show because it’s for an older audience. So I didn’t know how it would go, but to tell you the truth, it is really fun.  There’s the fangs, and they are better than the plastic ones.  They are way cool.  They look so real and match my teeth color.  There’s also the wardrobe, I get to wear a suit.  That’s really cool ’cause I feel like an adult — and the set was so beautiful. It was like out of a movie.  There were so many people on set, so many different cameras, and it was very busy but everyone knew exactly what to do. We would rehearse in the morning before we would shoot and there was a lot of joking and laughing.  I had a lot of fun. So it is pretty cool.

So you had a great time portraying Alexander.  What drew you to the character?
The character is really creepy and stuff.  So what drew me to him was he is an interesting monster.  The show explores a lot of monsters and I like characters that are monster-like, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. That sort of personality is really fascinating and that’s pretty much how Alexander is.  He kind of has a really sly and sarcastic side to him, but then he’s also got a tough side.  Most monsters are kind of curious, and that’s how Alexander is.  He is pretty obnoxious and full of himself, but he’s pretty serious too.  Like he never jokes around with the other vampires.  He is very feisty and strong-minded vampire, and he has a little dark side to him.  I don’t know, maybe there is some good in him, but he never shows it.  He is a pretty mean vampire — let me just say that! [Laughs]  I like that we really get to explore him this season.

Who has been your favorite character on TRUE BLOOD so far?
Alexander is a feisty and strong-minded vampire.  He’s the kind of vampire who is very sneaky and he is a really smart vampire.  He’s also very important and wise, and he makes himself heard a lot.  He certainly has his own opinions and it doesn’t have anything to do with the importance of himself.  So I guess he’s my favorite vampire since he’s pretty cool.  I also like Roman too ’cause he looks really cool.  He’s got this really cool suit and Chris is a really good actor and he makes Roman come alive.

Read the full interview here.

The kid did a surprisingly good job with the interview. It was cute. It was interesting reading his thoughts on his evil character.

What did you think of Alexander? Are you happy that he is gone or did you want to see more of him?

– Moonlight

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