Is Avril Lavigne a Vampire?

I kinda like Avril Lavigne. But I like her even more when she’s showing those pearly whites with, wait…is that a fang? Yep, Avril’s got fangs! Well, one anyways, on the left side of her mouth. So this makes me think, is Avril a vampire? We always talk about vamps walking among us mere mortals, why couldn’t Avril be one?

Well, I don’t really think that Avril is a vampire. And in fact, she’s pretty self-conscious about that fanged tooth of hers and even wants to get it filed down. Imagine that. In a day and age when people are trying to get the best deal on vampire fangs, Avril has one for free that she was given at birth! And she wants to get rid of it! This comes from Star,

“Avril Lavigne is getting her teeth shaved.
The 23-year-old pop rocker dislikes her sharp, vampirelike front teeth so much that she’s getting them rounded off.
“Avril hates her fangs,” says an insider. “She is planning on having them filed down by a cosmetic dentist. It’s just something she has always been insecure about, especially since everyone is staring at her mouth when she sings. As soon as Avril finds some time to take off so it won’t interfere with her singing.”

Oh, come on! No one is looking at her mouth when she sings. Who seriously looks at someone’s mouth when they sing? Their face, sure. Their clothes, of course. Their hair, sometimes, but it tends to get tied in there when we’re looking at the face. No, I’m pretty sure that no one is staring at Avril’s fanged teeth when she sings.

But I still don’t understand why she wants to get rid of them! They’re not even that noticeable, unless you really are looking for them and plus, having fanged teeth is kind of cool, no?


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  4. I have one naturallly pointed fang, too, but I won´t change it. It is harmless and I´m scared of dentist! Besides, vampire fan with fangs is short of fun…

  5. I have two fangs but it doesn’t even bother me every day someone new at school ask me “why my teeth are so sharp?” and all I say is “I don’t know?” then they’ll say “Ooooh I would have thought you were a vampire” I always laugh and plus I’m a huge vampire fan so they think I am one. My friends always call me the vampire girl.

  6. I too have teeth shaped like fangs, but I would never get rid of them! Besides, I love vampires, and people always ask me if I’m one, which to me is a comment. Avril is seriously going to regret her decision.

  7. Both my ‘vampire teeth’ are pointed but so are the teeth below, like a cat’s. I think vampire teeth are awesome. My brother has the same thing as me except onky the top are pointed, a lot more like a vamp’s, I guess.

  8. I have teeth like that two except my bottom ones are sharp too, and my brother has teeth like a vampire without the bottom ones like me. I think we’re all lucky to have cool teeth.

  9. Lucky Avril! I have really sharp canines (sharp enough to cut my tongue just by running it along them, Ouchie), but I don’t smile often. So when I do people are like “OMGVAMPIRE!” which I just love :’)
    Shame she doesn’t like her teeth, I think they’re amazing. Including the fang.

  10. I love my canine teeth sooooo much im planning on getting them whitened plus I’m the only one in my family who has these teeth and since i actual do like the taste of blood they think thats thee reason why i stopped eating food because i’m drinking blood! but i take it as something good it doesnt bother me! —–(☻)–(☻)—–
    ——–( [O O] )——–
    V V

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  12. Well i have “fangs” too :] Alot of my friends made some funny comments on my teeth haha, they’re white and sharp :D

    But to me, my “fangs” could be (alot) longer :]

  13. I used to have sharper teeth, but I think my dentist filed them down when he sanded my chipped front tooth. It royally pisses me off. >.<

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  15. I actually have four of them, two on top, two on bottom. I like the ones I have and personally think Avril looks better with them.

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  17. Lol Avril is soo cute and She is 26 and looks like 17 lol this makes me think is she really is a vampire !!?? O.o but who cares :P

  18. This is how it suppose a canine tooth to look like! Mine are similar. Just because the most people have fucked up genes and the canine teeth are small and useless does not mean that this is a vamp fang.

  19. I actually think here teeth are extremely pretty! I’d kill to have her teeth cuz I’ve always liked the sharp look,and her teeth are really petite,not like little dwarf petite. They’re the perfect size and they fit with her face and smile. In my opinion her smile makes her more gorgeous than she already is,so I don’t see why she wants to get rid of it! Here she’s trying to get rid of her fang while im going to the dentist next week to get my canine’s filed sharper. And the really funny thing is I’m asking the dentist to file them like hers xD

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  21. I have natural vampire looking fangs. The one on the left is VERY pointy. I like them. My teeth are anything but ordinary as with me LOLz. I don’t think Avril should shave em down.

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  23. Well it’s totes true. Se has fangs, she never gets old, she’s quite pale, most of her videos are at night. -o-o-

  24. Avril lavigne is not a vampire. I also have fangs just like her but I am not a vampire. other people told me when u are born in the night u have a teeth like a vampire but when u are born in the morning u have a normal teeth just level. Me i was born at night and that is why i have teeth like vampires.. :) so Avril is maybe born at night so that is why she has fangs like me… <3 I also love her she is my IDOL

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