Is it Purely Physical?

It’s a well-known fact that there are many people walking the Earth today that claim to be real, actual vampires. While some take this very seriously and others scoff at the idea, there are some physical conditions that mimic the traits that are commonly associated with vampires. Things like not being able to stay out in the sun and becoming incredibly rigid and stiff in their bodies are two of the symptoms that come from very real conditions that could make other people (or even the person suffering from it), believe that they are in fact, real vampires.

Porphyria is one condition that is often associated with vampires. This disease causes an imbalance of heme, a nutrient found in blood. Those suffering from porphyria are very sensitive to even dim lights and can suffer from delusions. Due to the imbalance in the blood, patients also sometimes have red mouths or teeth. Throughout history the treatment for this condition has been to drink blood in order to get the correct level of heme back into the blood however, this practice is no longer used. The condition can also cause the sufferer to become delusional, which could cause them to think that they are vampires, or simply exhibit signs that they are one.

Catalepsy is another form of vampire disease that causes one’s body to become  extremely stiff. This is because this disease affects one’s central nervous system and can make them nearly immobile. The patient can actually become so immobile that their heart rate and breathing slow to the point where they appear as though they have died. In the past, these people would often be mistaken for corpses and would be buried or embalmed.

Both of these diseases are extremely rare and most likely do not account for all the ‘real’ vampires that are walking around the world. And in these cases, those suffering from the disorders are very rarely in a place to walk around and act as though they are regular people, as vampires do.

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