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Is Jigsaw a Vampire?

It’s possible, if they decide to go the supernatural route with him for the forthcoming JIGSAW, the eighth sequel in the SAW franchise. They killed the Jigsaw killer off several movies ago, yet kept right on making follow-ups. Is the original back in the new one, or is it a case of another one of his disciples taking over for him, or a copycat killer at work? Don’t know. But if, as with supernatural slashers Jason, Freddy, and Michael, Jigsaw becomes somehow immune to death, making him a vampire would work as well as a plot point as anything else.

There’s one way in which Jigsaw is vampiric, for sure: he wants your blood. He isn’t going to keep it, though; it goes to a good cause. If you donate blood, you get free tickets to the upcoming movie. Cool, huh? They’ve apparently done this with all the SAW movies, but this is the first I’ve heard of it. For one thing, they only accept donations of blood in certain cities. (See a list here.) Also I didn’t go see any of the SAW movies after the first one. I may go see this new one, though. I don’t like mass-produced, assembly line franchises, and releasing a new movie every year smacks of that. It’s been several years since the last SAW movie, though, so maybe the bloodletting will be fresh again.

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TheCheezman • October 10, 2017

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