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Is Johnny Depp playing Kolchak?

I like Johnny Depp. I think he’s a talented guy. But I don’t like how he’s become the go-to guy for any and every genre role out there, when the genre is either Horror or dark Fantasy. Could be I’ve just seen him in one too many such offerings; how many Tim Burton movies has he acted in now? 34, I think. I want to yell at Hollywood en masse, “There are other actors out there! Good ones! How about a little variety? Is that too much to ask?” Or it could be that, after Depp’s and Burton’s abominably bad DARK SHADOWS riff-off (You like my combining of the words “riff” and “rip-off” to create a new term? I’m sure I’m the first person who’s ever though to do that.) I simply can’t stomach to see him do ANYthing that ISN’T a PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie.

This news, that Edgar Wright, the supposed-to-be director of ANT-MAN, was going to be doing a remake of KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER, and that Depp would be playing the titular character, is a little old. Is the deal still on? I dunno. I DO know that it would be hard for me to accept Depp in the role. I don’t think he can pull off the likeable, slightly klutzy, wisecracking everyman-turned-monster-slayer character as well as did Darren McGavin. Then again, to be fair, I don’t think ANYbody could play the part as well as McGavin. He WAS Kolchak. If they’re gonna try a remake, though, I wish they’d go with somebody besides Depp.

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TheCheezman • January 5, 2017

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