Is Nadja the Most Badass of the Vampires on WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS?

WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS -- Pictured: Natasia Demetriou as Nadja. CR: Brendon Meadows/FX

Sexiest? Yes. (It’s the accent.) Smartest? No. Well, maybe. But that’s not really saying all that much, now is it? Funniest? How could anyone pick just one, as far as that goes? But Nadja may just be the most badass of the quartet. I would have said Nandor before, but after seeing the way she ripped the heart right out of that little hipster vampire, I think she’s got Nandor beat. We don’t typically see her getting all physical—well, better to say “violent”, as she does frequently engage in other physical, um, exertions—but now we know just what she can do when she’s pissed off.

This linked article does a good job explaining what is obvious to anyone who has watched the show, namely that Nadja is an invaluable component of the series without whom the show wouldn’t work. “[Natasia] Demetriou is the perfect choice to play Nadja. Every line from Nadja’s mouth elicits a wave of laughter. This Gothic, emo-ish vampire with ruby red lipstick and impeccable Victorian style is not merely hilarious. She’s also the only one with a clear(-ish) head.” Yes. Clear-ish. Perfect way to say it. “Nadja adds flavor to [the series]” the article states, and “Demetriou is unquestionably remarkable in this role, almost as if she was born to play Nadja.” We couldn’t agree more.

By TheCheezman

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