Is the Government Keeping Vampires a Secret?

The clinically clean floors are surrounded by stark white walls. There are no windows in this eerie room, just artificial light shining down on a cold metal slab. Walking in you see menacing medical instruments, each telling its own tale. Underneath the nauseating and overpowering reek of industrial cleaner is the smell of old blood.

That is the image many of us imagine when we think of a secret government lab.  Government labs are places of wicked and unlawful horrors. Where the unnatural and unknown go to get dismantled, studied, and locked away. It is a place of cold doctors and  nightmares. Or so some believe.

There are those out there, and maybe even here, who believe that supernatural beings are very real and that they have been kept secret by the government. These conspiracy theorists claim that vampires really do exist and that they are locked away in secret government labs where they are having experiments performed upon them. Being poked and prodded and studied in every way in the hopes of having their secrets unlocked.

There are entire books dedicated to the subject of the government keeping the supernatural hidden. There are countless individuals who believe that  vampires, werewolves and other creatures are locked away in secret labs.

But what do you think?

Do you believe that real vampires exist and that they are being kept secret by the government? Do you think it’s even possible for the government to keep such a huge secret? There are leaders all over the world – do you think other governments have discovered and locked away any vampires? Think about all of the vampire myths around the world. I have covered vampire lore in detail here, just imagine if those stories were real and the officials all over the world were keeping them a secret.

Let us know in a comment below what you think. Do you believe that the government is keeping vampires a secret or do you think the  conspiracy theorists are ridiculous?

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


  1. is our govermet keeping Vampires a secret ? arnt the fictional creatures
    veronica gragg or do you know something about the existents of real vampires
    in our world id like your true oppion

  2. No, I don’t believe it. For something to be kept like that, someone somewhere would have to have seen them outside a lab.
    Conspiracy theorists would have you believe all kinds of fantastical things that the governments are “hiding” simply because they are unable to deal in reality.
    Again, I LOVE the genre, the fantasy, and the creativity it takes to make people fear fictional entities, however, I also have both feet firmly planted in reality.
    Before anyone goes on about “government secrets”, I acknowledge those as well; there are many which are necessary because, to coin a phrase, people “can’t handle the truth”.

    1. This actually plenty of people who have claimed to have seen such things; I mean look at all those claiming to have seen ghosts, Demons and Angels, as well as Shadow creatures and Werewolves ect. However there is no way the government could keep them locked down or hidden. There is always a way for such things to escape…

  3. “vampires really do exist and that they are locked away in secret government labs where they are having experiments performed upon them.”

    Sounds like Demon Under Glass!

      1. the idea our us govermet keeping Vampries a seceret where they keeping
        these vampires in Era 51 like ufos oh thats crazy Vampires dont exist
        in real life if they did life in america would be very intrusting

  4. I wouldn’t know about vampires and werewolves, but it’s quite probable that there are zombies and shapeshifters out there. Now some feature of the werewolf is to be able to shift shape, so perhaps they are the same.

    The government does not keep them though, the governments are controlled by them and perhaps incorporated with them. It’s like selling the soul to the devil.

  5. Ok the truth… the absolute undenible scientific truth is… YES Goverments are keeping vampires and werewolves a secret… in some universe; the multi worlds theory or multiverse theory allows for the statement if anything can happen than it has happened, and seeing how quantum mechanics can allow for random flux’s in matter to create totally diferente objects you can have vampires and werewolves occur in a multiverse so there are vampires being tested on in a secret lab somewhere i just don’t know if it’s happening in our plane of reality.

  6. well i think that the most of you are kinda crazy and out of mind! maybe all these creatures exist but the way you express this its weird and scary.
    do not put your brain over your head!! i love vampires but with a limit..and its your decision to do whatever you want but stay in reality! i also dont think that the govermeents keep the vampires a leastat my country dont cause their too assh**es to do it!! i hope that i ddidnt make sad anyone you saw this..i just try to protect you and bring in reality that i wish wasn’t like this..

    1. You love vampires but with a limit. Perhaps you like the more cosy ones, with dull fangs and good manners?

      1. How bout a wooded stick right onto your chest or your hands , head and legs cut off from your body and burned. What do you think Slorri?

    2. i agree with you, look at all this folks above. some said have angels friends,demon friends. WTF!! , folks, go get some treatment before things get serious n much creepy. Hey tina. can we be friend? please.

        1. Yes, are those ones that bite us really all that likeable?
          Perhaps you are referencing only in fiction?

          1. You’ll know when you get bitten by one lol, go feel for yourself. Don’t ask other’s opinion, give it a try yourself when you get a chance :D.

      1. Most people get off on my bits; you have no idea how seductive it can be. Ether you you don’t know what you are going on about or the person biting you doesn’t know what there doing lol…

  7. obviously i am referencing in fiction because i don’t know if vampires exist and how they look like if they do exist!

  8. I do believe their hiding such things,and if you noticed their trying to show us a side of these creatures that would make us look at them different,and be more accepting of through movies…twilight…vampire and werewolf that are like ur next door neighbors,or that movie(I think its called warm bodies) you can love a zombie…aliens u can fall in love with. I’d say their gettin us ready for some revealing…

    1. I’ve always feel that as well about the movies shows something that has or is going to happen. All types of movies has showed us things that will take place and it is major things like 9/11 etc etc

    2. Once enough of us are accepting the rich 1 percent will then *pull* the economy and likely use Project Blue Beam to fake some kind of invasion so that the UN can *bail* out America and we will be under their thumb.

      They will try to make it look like the *rich white* hate these creatures trying to freak people out so America becomes a war zone by the people themselves thru media hype.

      Then Agenda 21 plays out for forced centralized living in tiny boxes I mean housing developments where we are branded and monitored from cradle to grave.

      The Vampires will be set free and the ones that are evil will be given the spotlight so society will be *afraid* of them and the media continues to blame *right wing* or whatever political party they hate at the time of the invasion.

      Soon you and your children will not know what rights and responsibility means as it will be the government with 1,000s of regulations that cover everything from spitting to breathing to the way you walk.

      It will be Freedom Fighters that will rise to overthrow the dictators.

      1. I feel like your comment should include instructions for how to make a tinfoil hat so that the evil government can’t steal your thoughts or just turn your brain off, also you’re aware that “freedom fighters” and terrorists are the same thing right, it just depends on who’s side you’re on, for more details on this look up all the stuff Nelson Mandela did BEFORE he went to prison, that’s right he wasn’t locked up for being black, he was a terrorist committing so called “necklace murders” MURDERS!

  9. it is totally possible that vampires do exist and are being kept in a secret. The government finally had to admit that UFO’s actually exist and the knowledge goes all the way to the White House. It would not surprise me one bit….

    1. Get rid of political parties and a whole lot of other corruption will start to vanish like water to steam.

      George Washington was right in warning about the dangers of political parties when people wanted him to be *King* of America which he proudly REFUSED the title stating he just wanted to be an ordinary person when his term is up and live his life.

      Then our last wake up call was Eisenhower’s military/industrial complex.

      Oh Bama is just a red herring to keep us looking the other way which is why he is not the least bit upset because he knows his tactics are working to distract us away from who is really controlling America.

      Both Bush and Obama have shaken hands and work together for the mass deception and the bible says God will send a strong illusion when we are near the end times.

      This is still the generation that saw Israel be free which they have abused it’s freedom and the bible promises withn this lifetime we will see the temple be built for the one world system.

      We have came real close to it already happening and I believe they have hammered out an agreement this last year for the building of their Jewish temple and this is the year of the blood moon during the tabernacle which is very important in end times.

    2. In fact Obama WANTS us to blame him for tripling the debt to China so we will ignore the players.

    1. I do believe aswell. I also have my suspicions.. But I do have ghosts in my house. We see shadows. My father saw a person in my hallway mirror too. If ghosts are real then werewolves and vampires must be real.

  10. Vampires are real, I don’t know if the government are trying to keep us a secret or what they’re doing… All I can say is I wouldn’t mind being one of the vampires they’re experimenting on!

  11. I do believe it’s true and I have some hard evidence as in the bible actually has verses that talk about vampires so I truly believe it’s true and also think that the vampires don’t want us to know because if we did then they wouldn’t be able to freely drank someone’s blood since the people would probley be protecting themselves. So unless the vampire has a doner they won’t be dranking blood.

    Oh and if u wanna know the verses in the bible here’s a list below

    Leviticus 18:10-14
    Deuteronomy 32:16-20(if u really know vamps you’ll understand)
    I.chronicles 11:19(kinda talks bout them)
    Proverbs 30:13-14
    Joel 1:6
    Revelation 9:8
    Revelation 17:6

  12. I think and believe in all supernatural things and myths and I believe the government has created some and hides others.

  13. There is such a way that these creatures could escape but that’s probably all the ones people have claimed to have seen

  14. Vampires and werewolves are too smart to be known.If any were caught and put into some secret lab then it was a young one or taken off guard for some unknown reason.And my heart would go out to those who were in captivity and their loved ones.Just because you cannot see it or touch it does not mean it’s not real.Maybe they just want to be left alone and live in peace.I for one would do everything in my power to ensure their privacy.

    1. my name is Dylan Furr and I am a real vampire. and all the information obove is a lie watch the news next month on the first Friday. We will start coming out publicly. Please do not panic we only wish peace between all 15 different races. Note the government please. I am the one how took down alica I understand if you are a werewolf you will hold a grug against me but please help get noticed in society today we help humans for peace between all of us

      1. Dylan is actually right. I’m a descendent of the one an only Dracula. My town is the main place that vampires go to. I had to leave my clan to keep from my new clan leader from killing me. Dylan, I am best friends with werewolves, vampires, witches, dragons, demon (can explain), warlocks, shadow hunters, angels, and many more. We are all out there. But you can’t say that it’s false. My best friend told me the story of how she was turned. From there on, I found out the true me. I was born with this.

        1. LoL… This is the funniest things i ever found in the website. shadow hunter,angels and u make friend with demons to. come on, give me a break. am here at Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Malaysia Wanna make jokes, u got me. hahahaha +601112011582 call me. hahahaha.

        2. Quick question I want to do a test, and in this test it requires a vampire. So that you know it is just a spell, this spell doesn’t do anything to the vampire but, it does do something to the person casting the spell aka me. All I need to know is the State and town or city that all the vampires live in so that I can do my test. And I am fine with adjusting what I need for this test as long as I am at least close to a vampire by at least 1-2 miles.
          I would like you to contact my through email if possible, my email is
          And if that doesn’t work then contact me through other email, which is

        3. I’m sceptical, but I do love supernatural series n im a wattpad author in training, I love vampire romances, would love to meet a vampire,maybe one day

        1. I want it too! God I hate it when the old tirade *What kind of stuff are you smoking dude I want some too!” kind of comments.

          It actually makes that person *you* look like a hypocrite because what you are saying is you want to be as paranoid as the person you disagree with which makes you just as stupid.

          In reality you just can’t handle someone having the possibility of a different life experience. There’s a lot more to the world then the US of fucking A!

      2. ya u piece of shiet what are u on your clearly not a V cuz the condition would of breeded out your human emotions and fear if u were turned u might of been a nerd and now your a military personel do u get that a real v wouldn’t be talking smack on the internet but out at bars chasing money living life hard as phuck. so ur an internet nerd the idea of being immortal and having a healing ability is that death is a joke to u why would u waste it in your home looser

        1. Hi I know this discussion happened a month ago But I’ve always been fascinated about the supernatural My ? to you is Where did Vampires come from? was it from Dracula or was it From a Fallen Angel Could you explain?

      3. Vampires cant be real.only fantasy like damon salvatore or Edward from twilight. If you are real prove it n try to find me,vampires are supposed to be all powerful , let’s see you fin me then I will believe.

        1. vampires doesnt need to look beautiful like edward or stefan.Mabey there is vampires but they dont show them selves.And if they show themselves the world would start to panic.And those who says that they are vampires dont trust them because vampires doesnt goe around and tells that they are vampires.//Selena

  15. Humans in general have a chaotic tendency that is encoded in their genetics since the dawn of their evolutionary time. They wouldn’t have evolved agriculture or technology without submitting to the mannerism of war and superiority over one another. Now imagine the pandemonium that would break out if human kind found out that living on the same planet and disguised as their own flesh is a predator much more fearsome than their own? There would be global religious uproars, the scientific community would go into battle about the re-write of the evolutionary theory. The world itself would plunge into paranoia. I’m not saying that the myths and legends don’t have a basis that they originate from, but how would it be even possible for governments to suppress or capture an entire species. If vampires drink human blood it would have to mean that humans in fact are prey, and according to all observation made in nature the predator has to have a level of cunning, dexterity, prowess and intelligence above that of it’s prey. How can you capture something with so much advantages over what you have? Now I am saying that i s impossible, but vampires in general would have to remain silent and invisible as to not scare the sheep-for-slaughter. Wouldn’t that go for all other supernatural that feed on human flesh?

  16. I truly believe in vampires, all myths come from somewhere. But I do not believe that the government is keeping them locked away. Vampires are known for their great abilities such as compulsion… which means if the government even tried to lock them away they would compel them to free them. Or simply just fight there way out bc they also have super strength and speed. So I disagree with this theory, but I support the thought that they do exist.

  17. vampires are real and if any one disagres then ask the goverment or try so hard to find one. i search my whole life looking for one and i have found cluess these clues lead to a place out in washington d.c. so i belive they are hidding them from the real world.

        1. The fact that we know there are cover-up on a number things that cant be define with logical reasoning, I for 1 am fairly alarm here

  18. I think it is real I mean how would someone just come up with something like Dracula how could someone just make something up like that without knowing something about it first you know what I’m trying to say

  19. If I could I would try to find absolute and have him/her turn me to cure me because I have epilepsy and It’s super bad

    1. We actually DON’T know what the government is made up of. For all we know some of the government could be made up of modified bacteria!

      Common Core *Whites evil + Blacks Good+ Government spying 24/7.

      All citizens need to watch Colossus Forbin Project to paint a pretty accurate picture of where we areheading as a whole.

  20. If you are a vampire DON’T POST HERE! This is obviously a paid shill site to track those who have any possible loyalty to vampire *cults* that the government wants to get rid of.

    Get rid of Oh Bama and free America from foreign powers! Quite playing God with other nations and actually start practicing the Quaker way of doing things and America can once again thrive even for vampires.

    Until then we are going to continue down the rabbit hole to one day you wake up and wonder what country you are really in.

    1. please, i am a vampire 1rst generation, i am a full powerless. i am inmortal, i cannot kill for nothing, i have mind control unlimited, and for my supervivance i drink human blood or animal blood.
      please you have the posibility to think for the gobernament is tracking always me or other vampires and studing them. jajaja. please. if the gobernament studyng the pages of vampires or studing their track to internet, the gobernament yeah is going to have the proves to watching me or know me because i am the first inmortal of vampires, and have first form of inmortality.

      hey gobernament jajaj please if you are watching me dont tracking me, i escape forever i want. and if you try to know were i am and pretend catching me…… i uses mind control for all of yours soldiers at the same time.

      hey sortinghat, now you watch for not tracking and catch me. here you the prove. the gobernament don’t study the vampires and don’t have vampires in secret laboratories. jajajajajajaja. please you go to bed and read stories from fairys and princess. all of yours.

      goodbye, and forget all of you.

    2. Or the gobernament try to track me after in this six years and eight months who i am being converted (not by other vampires, just simply in one spell (not just say something and then you being a vampire, not not this.)the spell of inmortality who gives me my race of inmortal and natural vampire). the gobernament not try to cath nothless vampires, please don’t think nsa or fbi is tracking someone like me and studing them.

      as I can not sleep but I wake up costs because mummify start and stop drinking blood. also noticeable that you’re only bones and the hard and rough and cold skin, you will underline the veins of the body and have trouble breathing every day besides having the faster beats.

      vampire hey, if you want to know how mind control is done it is this: (I clarify all these four things must be done at the same time).
      1. straining in mind not only the entire head but only in the mind (as if you only use the full potential of the mind).
      2. watching the person in front of her (I say this because I am the only one who can do it without eye contact and do not say here as I do).
      3. feel energy around you, but an energy that is magic, I call it dark energy, dark and then make that energy from within you. then when you’re wearing that dark energy within you, now mentally send it to the person you want to control. (You have to keep doing this for all the time until you stop control).
      4. while you send dark energy, her or to him, you have to say a word or phrase you want to do, such as: Drink! Or picks up a gun, aim and shoot.

      this is done with practice.

      ahh something new for humanity that you did not know, vampires when they drink human or animal blood and enters the system or vampire body, that blood will become vampiric blood that will be used to make mental powers or to make rapid regeneration or use it to wake up each day (we spent some blood to awaken).

      i want to let say this after leave this website. goodbye.

    3. sorry, if you want other information, here is. i give you for the hunger and drinking blood:

      i to get an idea from when we smell blood until we drink:
      someone is cut or enter somewhere where there is blood, and although not breathe through the nose, the blood enters through the nose (as we have twice capillaries of a human inside the nose and ears … :)) when it enters the nose down the neck and down to the stomach.
      when it reaches the stomach is as if it became more huge stomach and emptied everything as if we had a void or black hole.
      quickly the smell of blood we have in the stomach awakens an inner beast lol as I call it, or (the animal predatory instinct and drives blood to drink), when he wakes up, sends a message to the brain that activates a membrane whose drug or something called dopamine, which makes the vampire has more desire to drink blood. if the vampire tries to resist began instinct to control him as if making us feel that drinking the blood is good that it is something good to do and that if we are vampires matters most it would be important to drink that blood, and we no thinking and makes us want to attack people.
      when porfin drink blood, you feel powerful in the sense that fills you with satisfaction and health and overwhelms you the feeling of being from that moment you think everything you want can be possible.
      once the blood reaches the stomach, there’s like arms or “something” out of the heart that is where the inner beast or predatory instinct, and goes to the stomach and those arms the blood in the body are drunk bone there, once finished go back to the heart and deposit it in the heart. that finish make to go through the heart and make it happen throughout the body, but what drives the blood is not the heart but the muscles, every muscle passed blood from one side to another and heart do the same (our heart is stopped, only throbs if you use strength and mental abilities like speed or if you start momificarte).
      Once the blood is touring the body before the heart becomes that human blood in vampiric it for your body vampire, ahh also when you are thirsty for blood and these next to a victim, the heart throbs while the heart that victim.
      and you can use that blood for what you want, to learn new powers or abilities or to use them for that reason, or for rapid regeneration, or to wake up every day (depending on which generation be spend more or less every day to wake up).

      this is what happens to us when we have bloodlust and drink.

  21. I wish to speak with a true vampire. Not for the reasons you all might think. Although I do wish to be turned. But I need to give some information before to the vampire I talk to. I will only tell you via fb or text.

  22. If vampires did existed I assure you they would be far more elaborately hidden than many may believe. Also they would be far more secrative than claiming fame and fortune, in this instant the vampires you see on Oprah are fake, mere frauds collecting fame and popularity by deceiving others on their existence.

  23. There’s zero evidence that the government is covering up info on vampires, just as there’s zero evidence vampires exist. Unsurprisingly, such things attract the kooks we see in the comments section.

  24. Wouldn’t be weird if the government is doing the multi million dollar spying measures to actually go after the vampire community but use *terrorism* as an excuse to justify it.

    In fact the push towards Agenda 21 and *forced centralized living* is to round up hidden society and if they can also ban guns in the processes nobody will have anyway of defending against tyranny and rouge creatures that some may even be setup by the CIA to create *scare* tactics.

    Then people will go “HE DID IT!” OR *THEY DID IT!”

    Time for the vampires to create a 1776 and free society!

  25. None of you are going to EVER have peace until we have a limited but effective government. It doesn’t matter what economic system as it will all still be owned by the upper 5% who call the shots.

    Ben Franklin said that governments that govern the least also govern the best.
    Otherwise they become a product of their own fear whatever the agenda.

  26. Vampires aren’t born the way they are. They were created by pagan magic or witches in general Vampire/Werewolves obviously exist people are all over the world who doubt there existence are the ones who have been brain washed by the gov. and hollywood and propaganda and posers yes I understand how it sounds it sounds so absurd but think about it, it obviously isn’t a normal occurrence it’s the supernatural/Paranormal. Event the supernatural has got science wrapped around its finger Werewolves aren’t two legged beasts no it’s a man or women who’s becomes a legitimate wolf but a lot bigger in size because of the supernatural reasoning all the reason we think of vampires as such is because the “Emo” or “Goth” “Vampires” posers out there just because you buy CVS Halloween fangs and drink the blood your cat made doesn’t make you a fucking Vampire ALL YOU POSERS OUT THERE CUT THE SHIT YOUR JUST A BUNCH OF FUCKING PSYCHOS YOUR NO FUCKING VAMPIRE IF YOU WERE , YOU WOULD BE SUCH A DISGRACE VAMPIRES ARE MEANT TO STAY HIDDEN WITHIN THE SHADOWS NOT SUCK DICK AND CUT SOMEONE AND JUST SAY HEY IM A VAMPIRE NOOOOOOOOOOOO YOUR NOT A VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!! YOUR JUST A BUNCH OF FUCKIN DUMASSES WHO SHOULD GET A JOB IF YOUR LOOKING TO BECOME AN ACTUAL SUPERNATURAL CREATURE DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH

  27. Not even the pity “Psychologist” can diagnose a vampire listen here you fucking pricks quite acting like you know everything and can diagnose everything. Vampires &a Werewolves are far more than just lore and legends and stories it’s a reality but the only reason we cant get in contact with them is because of our government they keep pretty much everything in archives nothing leaves that office no info leaves there is people out there who are human but there something utterly supernatural

  28. I want to be immortal, I want to feel free n live for hundreds of years. I want to turn on and to be able to turn off my emotions. I hate being human.

  29. Wouldn;t be surprised if vampires /werewolves existed but their existence was suppressed by governmental agencies. Remember CIA mind control experiments such as MKULTRA(the search for the real life Manchurian Candidate), unethical medico scientific experiments like Tuskegee syphilis study(1932-1972) and abuses by J.Edgar Hoover’s FBI???

  30. The leaders of govt we know are puppets, they keep the masses from panic and keep the economies flowing. Knowing that anything “extra” natural, might put a bind in their worldview and plans for the future. Are vampires locked up? doubt it. Not unless it amuses them to be (being really old one gets bored) or unless it furthers some agenda they have, and yet, no proof positive here in the future, though everyone had stories from the past. It’s too dangerous now for us to believe, as we’d hunt them down with all sorts of things they didn’t have in their time. A huge disadvantage. But if they were here it would be great for them if it was just seen as if it were in a movie or a play…and if they had great amounts of money (compound interest at 400 years) they could pay to make things that made it look that way. Vampires….makes the rich look like…oh wait….

  31. It’s not improbable that the US federal government(and other institutions such as the Holy See for that matter) might be covering up the truth that vampires and werewolves are real. Remember things like CIA mind control experiments, the Tuskegee experiments!

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