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Is VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE “Cultural Appropriation” of Vampires?

Lort. Some of the things you see on social media. Yes, I actually saw someone arguing this point.

Folks, I’m all about individual liberties. I will always stand in defense of personal freedoms. As long as you aren’t harming anyone or infringing on someone else’s rights, abusing an animal or the environment, or damaging public property, then you have the right to do whatever you want with your life, and I would fight to the death to preserve that right for you. If you believe you are a vampire and choose to live a vampire lifestyle, within the confines of those things I just mentioned, bully for you. I know a couple of Sanguinarians and they’re terrific people. Here’s the problem, though, and it would fall under that “infringing on the rights of others” qualifier. Bitching about “cultural appropriation” in general is as likely as not to get my dander up, but bitching about cultural appropriation of VAMPIRES?!

Come on, people. Please.

The concerns against cultural appropriation were legit to begin with, and still are for that matter. One culture group should never take something that is sacred to another group and use it in mockery or without proper respect. But taken to the extreme—and the idiots of the world will always take things to the extreme—we would have no modern music, because Rock-n-Roll was taken from Blues and Jazz, i.e. white people are now making music in a style they took from black folks. Cultures should blend together, nourish each other, enrich the human species as a whole. What post-PC bitching about cultural appropriation really does is separate people. It’s dangerous. And that’s when we’re dealing with real-world situations. Vampire “culture” (not necessarily to be confused with Sanguinarian culture) came from the world of fiction, or at least of legend. And legend belongs to all of us. It is our inheritance as human beings—and vampires.

TheCheezman • January 9, 2019

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  1. Kimberly McCreary January 11, 2019 - 1:57 pm Reply

    I do believe that my post was valid and correct as the content is real; I do understand that it might of ruffled a few feathers being it is the truth no one wants to admit. However, why shy away from letting such a truth come out; trust me it will soon because there are those that are talking about and when you have so much intel to share about vampires you have to tell someone. I don’t mean to create a stir, but what I have learned is now possibly effecting me; I’m not deterred at all as I will continue to talk about them, my knowledge is vast and it is time because it is not just me that knows. I know a lot of Vamp’s and their out in the open, I don’t think it just bring them to light, it is telling of their secrets. Lets just say I’m not the only one talking about it nor the only one that thinks its time for this to happen. I think people would be excepting of them; their on Facebook so what’s the problem, it’s all good anyway…I hope my post isn’t deleted this time because I just think in this modern age it is time for vampires to stop hiding and embrace the world. There is another side of the vampire world that is not your mom and pop vampires; they however are those you don’t take home to your parents, they are those you lock your doors and windows from.

  2. Kimberly McCreary May 21, 2019 - 12:43 pm Reply

    Now this post is directed to the incident that happened I do believe was a couple of years ago, this woman appeared across the street from me from behind a home, walked out stood there for a couple of minutes and then walked back behind the home and disappeared. Also to those Vampires that used her to spy on me, this was due to some post that I wrote on Facebook that since has been deleted, Well if those Vampires are still interested in what I’m going to do or said about them can get in touch with me through Facebook or come to my home in person. It is funny that these Vampires that suppose to be so highly trained and dangerous would hide. However they were pushed out by stronger and more powerful Vampire, but my question if is you guys are so powerful why would you allow other Vampires to make you leave. This is hilarious to me, so I guess I don’t have anything to worry about and you could be to worried about what secrets I going to tell nor can you stop any way so if you really want to know or make sure I don’t reveal your secrets use one of those Portals to gain access to my house and come to me personally. People seem to think that this is all crazy talk it is not, they are real and amongst us…well one secret is “they go to Vampire parties or doings were want a be hang out and put a set of fangs on and feed, they unknowing donor has no idea.” Another secret that is being kept from citizens, “some time ago, not sure of date and year, but a man was killed at a gas station by what can be described as a Vampire and it is not the first time.” Be careful out there, they are watching us! Also I’m going post this every where to get the peoples attention so their safe and aware!

  3. Kimberly McCreary May 21, 2019 - 1:03 pm Reply

    Real quick here, I wanted to add that there are Vampires out there that go by the rules and have their own donors I know I have some of them as my friends. Now I wanted to talk about “Vampire Hunter” for a minute, if these Vampire Hunters are doing their jobs then there would not be Vampire attacks every year like the deadly attack on the middle-aged gentlemen at the gas station. I do know of one such Vampire Hunter and his name is Jose Antonio Geronimo Padilla and lives in Greenville, South Carolina. Now I’m sure he has dealt with vampires before. There are many Vampire Hunters out there, but it doesn’t seem like they are doing their jobs…I just want citizens to be safe and with everything I’ve been through I might just create my own Group to get the message of “Rough Vampires”.

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