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IT House Moved to the Universal Lot

No, it isn’t the REAL house. I don’t know if there WAS a real house. I kinda suspect it was constructed for the recently-released and still performing well adaptation of IT. But *A* house has been built on the Universal Studios lot in Burbank, California. This house is not to be confused with the one that the studio put up earlier this year to promote the upcoming movie. Or maybe it IS the same house, taken apart and relocated. Either way, it isn’t the one from the movie. I don’t think. It could be. But I’m skeptical. The house, serving as a stopover point on Universal Studio’s annual Halloween haunted attraction event, WILL contain actual props from the film, however. That’s cool, but it woulda been a lot closer for me if it had come to the theme park in Florida instead.

Located in the fictitious town of Derry, Maine, the “Neibolt House” features prominently in both the 1990 TV miniseries IT and the recent blockbuster film. Named after the street on which it sits, the house in the movie sits atop the well house that leads down into the sewers where It had its lair. In the book, Pennywise appears in the house as a leper and a werewolf before disappearing down the toilet to escape to said lair. In the movie, It conceivably enjoyed a much shorter trip.

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TheCheezman • October 26, 2017

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