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IT Talent Has Serious Vampire Cred

I’m speaking of the forthcoming IT, the second installment of IT, not the one that came out last fall. Checco Varese will be serving as the Director of Photography, aka cinematographer, on IT: CHAPTER TWO. You might not recognize Varese’s name, but you know his work. He has worked on both THE STRAIN and TRUE BLOOD, the former providing a link between the IT films and Guillermo Del Toro. A SECOND link, actually, as Paul Austerberry, who served as production designer on THE SHAPE OF WATER, will also be working on the second Pennywise movie.

Some principal talent working on the first IT film, then, will be replaced for the sequel, insofar as visual production is concerned. We already knew that the actors would all be replaced, excepting Bill Skarsgard, unless they wanted to digitally age all the kids from the original film, which would hardly be worth the effort, considering the end result would just look silly. Personally, I’d be fine with it if Pennywise, when he returns, was played by a different actor, too. Why not? He can control his form. No reason Skarsgard has to reprise the role. Is Tim Curry feeling up to it these days? All they’d really need are his face and his voice. CGI could take care of the rest.

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TheCheezman • May 14, 2018

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