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It’s still there. It’s still a’ mockin’ me.

Regular followers of this site may recall a post I made this time last year concerning a visit I made to the county fair and my futile attempts to procure for myself a little Dracula doll from one of the rigged carnie games. This past weekend, I went to a different county fair, one unfortunately smaller than those I have visited in previous years, much smaller than the ones I remember from my childhood. Part of this can be blamed on the effect of childhood itself; one sees things as bigger and grandiose in memory. But the fairs actually WERE bigger back then. Sadly lacking these days are the sideshows and the gaffes that I love so dearly. At this year’s fair, though, even the number of game booths and barkers was diminished.

Small as it was, however, they did have one of those coin-push games, the ones with a powerful electromagnet hidden inside of them. You drop in a quarter hoping to dislodge into the receptacle for you to collect a miniscule fortune in quarters as well as small prizes. I couldn’t resist getting close to take a look, and sure enough, there it was. The little Dracula figure. Yes, the doll is cheaply made. That isn’t the point. It looks like it might once have been an Easter Bunny figure that has been doctored to resemble the vampire Count. That isn’t the point, either. Unlike last year, however, I didn’t bother trying to bribe the carnie attendant to just hand me the figure, and I managed to resist dropping an Andrew Jackson in an effort to win the figure.

It is still out there. The next time I find myself at a fair, will it still be there, silently mocking me, forever out of reach?

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TheCheezman • October 6, 2017

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