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Jack the Ripper: An Unholy Trinity?

Jack the Ripper has fought Dracula (And Captain Kirk! But that’s beside the point.) and has been accused of being a vampire. I figure it’s safe to feature ol’ Saucy Jack here on this site, then. He more than qualifies for inclusion. Sometimes I have to stretch a bit to make a topic, um, topical, but Jack is an easy fit. The dark Victorian nights, the thick fog, the gaslights, the blood. Yeah, Jack more than belongs ranked amidst the vampires.

The theory that Jack the Ripper may have in actuality been more than one person is not new. This latest theory, however, available at the source link below, is more in-depth and more specific than most. It alleges that there were THREE men who collectively became know as Jack the Ripper. It provides names for its three suspects—Samuel Friedman, Isaac Kozebrodski, and Louis Deimschutz. The latter is the discoverer of one of the victims, and all three men were socialist Jews and, according to the theory, anarchists. The murders were politically-motivated, it alleges. While there is no proof, as there never is with these Ripper theories, it’s nonetheless an intriguing new addition to the canon. And, unlike so many that have been put forward over the years, it actually makes sense. But is it correct? Was Jack really three different men? We will never know in this life.


TheCheezman • September 25, 2016

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