James Bond Veteran George Lazenby to Be in New Dracula Movie Filming in Shropshire

“He defeated Blofeld’s evil plans as James Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service…”

Dun, dun, dun! The James Bond actor circa 1969 will be in the new movie, filming in Shropshire: how exciting! The thing is, the actor, George, or “Mr. Lazenby” if he likes that better… I dunno what the proper protocol is for a guy that used to be a super sexy Bond actor, and is now 75 year old resident of Los Angeles.

My guess is that he’ll play the badass old vampire hunter, unwittingly training the young guy who defeats the big bad vampire: that’s usually how these things go. Van Helsing show Jonathan Harker the ropes, and then it’s splat for the old guy, and the young guy takes up his new post as hero of the story. Sad story for the old hero, but that’s the classic Dracula trope, right?

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