Jane Bites Back: A Vampire Novel with a Little Something for Everyone

We’ve told you about the many spins that Jane Austen books are getting with books like Mr. Darcy, Vampyre, and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. These books make me cringe just a tiny bit, only because I don’t like idea of classic characters being turned into the undead. But there’s a new Jane Austen book that I might just have to read. It’s called Jane Bites Back, and it’s written by Michael Thomas Ford. And from the looks of it, it holds a little something for everyone.

In the book, Jane Austen is a vampire. It’s the same Jane Austenthat once wrote all those literary classics. But now, she’s been turned into a vampire and owns a bookshop in New York City. But that’s not the only way Jane has carried her love of books into her new life. She also still holds a manuscript which she’s desperately trying to get published despite the fact that it’s been rejected 116 times.

Once Jane achieves the small amount of fame that she’s waited for, it’s a whole new slew of problems for her. Not only must she deal with bigger challenges when hiding who she really is, but she’s also got a crazy blogger stalker that’s determined to show her as a plagiarist. Aside from all of this, there’s the love story that involves both past and present loves, and someone is out to kill her.

Jane Bites Back really does look like a vampire novel that has something for every vampire fan. It’s got the romance factor, which is becoming obligatory it seems, plus the thrill factor of someone chasing after Jane, out for her blood. And from the sounds of it, Ford has done a good job of taking an iconic author and making her more accessible and relatable to a modern audience.Jane Austen, as a vampire, with a cyber stalker. Now that’s a twist!

– Kate


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